Keywordy Lenormand

The Keywordy Lenormand

The Keywordy Lenormand is a keyword deck specifically designed as a learning tool for Lenormand learners and readers alike. Each card features a handful of keywords for that card. The larger keywords are more commonly used and the smaller ones provide the nuances you need for a fully communicated reading. All keywords on the card are essential parts of the Lenormand vocabulary. 
More cards from the Keywordy Lenormand.
Learning Lenormand can sometimes feel like juggling. On one hand, you're trying to learn your keywords. On the other hand, you're focusing on card pairs, lines, knighting, mirroring and other reading techniques. The Keywordy Lenormand helps you focus on technique because keywords are right on the cards! Use it long enough and you'll find you've not only mastered your technique, but also memorized your keywords. It makes learning easy!

For more advanced users, they make excellent teaching tools for your students. Plus, they shake up your practice some, suggesting keywords that may not be within your routine. PLUS, they're so darned cute!

The Everyday Lenormand. Same pictures, no keywords.
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The Keywordy Lenormand includes 36 poker sized cards with no little white book. 

The Keywordy Lenormand has a sister deck, the Everyday Lenormand. The Everyday Lenormand uses the same artwork, but without the keywords. Once you get the hang of your keywords, the Everyday Lenormand gives you a tool using familiar pictures to help ease your transition into everyday Lenormand decks. Learn more about it here

The Keywordy Lenormand shown with the
Deck of Lenormand Houses. For more
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The Keywordy Lenormand is $22, plus $4 S&H in the US. Buy both the Keywordy and Everyday together for $39, plus $4 S&H in the US.  

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