Sunday, July 24, 2016

7/25/16—Taking A Summer Break

Maybe 20 years ago I visited a storefront psychic. It's one of maybe a handful of readings I've received from "strangers" over the years. If/when I get a reading, it's usually from someone I know and admire. Anyway, this man told me I was going to be a prolific writer.

I laughed when he said it, because of course I already was one. Foremost, in my advertising career. I mean, I remember a day I wrote 24 ads. In a single day...haha. That's a bit extreme, but when you consider I've been writing ads, brochures, webpages, emails, TV and radio spots, etc. every working day for 30 years, we're talking in the 10s of thousands of original compositions. Also, at the time I was journaling pretty much every day. So that's a lot of writing.

"That's not it," the psychic said. "It's something else...something published...short stories...I don't know...I can't say quite what. But it's not in your future. You're already doing it or are about to do it." Well, he was wrong about that. But maybe he was talking about this blog, albeit that was WAY in the future. There weren't blogs or social media or even the internet as we know it today back then. Even though I don't write every day anymore, I have averaged 250 posts per year on this blog over a 4.5 year effort. That's pretty prolific.

While the psychic was kinda right and kinda wrong, I have thought about his words many times over the years. He had no idea what I do for a living or who I am as a person. I think by any standards I'm a prolific writer, but I had never considered myself as such until after he said it. It's funny how how just hearing someone say something can make you look differently at yourself. When I think of how I thought of myself as a writer then and how I think of myself now, I'm definitely more confident in my skill and more accepting of my prolificness...prolificity...ability to generate lots of good quality, original work. 

That said, right now I want a break. I can't take a break from my day job of writing, but I can take a break from this. For a few weeks at least.

It's not that I've run out of things to say. I may never run out of things to say. This summer has been both emotionally difficult and significantly insightful for me. I have lots to say. I have lots to think through on paper. I have lots of thoughts that need to marinate before I discuss. I've peeled a layer or two off the onion this year and as it assimilates, I'll want to talk all about it. But after 1100 fresh posts over 4.5 years, I just need a break. And right now I also need to just be with myself and the people I trust and not share for a little bit.

So I'm going to pick some classic posts from the last four years, including some of the tarot ones, and regurgitate that for a few weeks. When I return, I might tell you what I think is behind all the fear and hate in the US. Or how I jumped through a final hoop in the medical issues that have been dogging me for years. Or how I'm seeing more signs from the universe lately. Or how I'm reclaiming lost parts of myself. Or how I'm releasing myself from some of the fears I've had most of my life. Maybe I'll even write something about what it feels like to not share my deep thoughts after sharing them all these years. :D

If I could write it all out in 15 minutes, I would. But many weeks I give up the bulk of my Sunday to compose something that plumbs my depths and I guess I'm just plum plumbed. :) I'll probably start up again in the (Northern Hemisphere) fall, which isn't far away. In the short term, I plan on being prolific at self care. Or enjoying the summer shade in my back yard. See you on the flip side!