Saturday, January 1, 2011

1/1/11—Being Genuine

Weekend Reading: Guardian of Air from the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert. For this reading, I asked the cards to bring all of us a consideration to take into the new year. Read comment below to see what that message is.
The Guardian of Air asks nothing more of us than to be genuine. And that means to put aside passive/aggressive agendas, letting go of the need to garner any kind of response, and cutting through to your own truth. This can be difficult if, most people, you're used to living in the drama. And if you're someone who has had it with the drama of the people around you, chances are you're one of the people creating drama. Relationships are dynamics and something you're doing is adding to the dynamic.

There are a number of reasons why this card is significant to me. One, when I ordered my limited edition print from the Gaian, this is the card I chose. The woman in it is ringing a crystal bowl, which some of you may know I have a collection of. And the owl is flying in, which some may also know my affinity with owls. She sits in a snowy, mountainous setting. Visually, she embodies so much of who/what I am in my soul that I truly identify with the card.

Another reason is that the Guardian of Air is analogous to the Queen of Swords, which is the card we chose just a couple of days ago. The perfectionist. That was the meaning in that deck and in this deck it speaks to clarity of thought, heart and speech. The downside can be that people get hurt by your stinging candor. The upside is integrity and an expanded sense of freedom from angst. Again, your candor is truly without agenda if you're in the spirit of the Guardian of Air. So your intention would never be to hurt or get a response, just to speak your truth, clearly and frankly. It can bring great freedom. And it will also begin to attract people into your life that don't take things so personally and don't respond so defensively. So it's something to consider in the new year. Are your intentions neutral? And are you speaking your truth?

Here's Joanna's affirmation for this card:
I declare my own truth with candor and clarity.

Friday, December 31, 2010

12/31/10—Creating Change

Today's Draw: The Chariot from the Quantum Tarot. If form follows thought, what reality are you creating with your thoughts? Do you believe your perceptions shape your reality? And if so, do you ever exert will over those perceptions to change your reality? How might you want to change your thoughts/reality in the new year?
It's interesting that I drew The Chariot today, a) because we had it maybe a week ago and b) this is the last day of my "Chariot year", according to a numerology thing tarot people do.

It's a good thing I chose this deck, because I think we... recently covered the more traditional side of this card the last time we had it...trying to keep your horses in line and being pulled in different directions. Remember? Well, this deck interprets it a little differently. It talks about applying will to change your reality.

I came across a good illustration of this about a year ago. A bunch of people were talking about how rude and detached people are these days...nobody holds doors open anymore, nobody talks in grocery lines, nobody says "thank you". And everyone in the room agreed. Except me. This isn't my reality. I think society is pretty polite for the most part. And the point is, all of us could be in the same situation, but I'd see the guy who picked up something I'd dropped and they'd see the lady talking too loud on her cell phone. It goes beyond optimism or pessimism. I'm no more optimistic than the next guy. It goes to what you place your attention on, based on your beliefs.

And this Chariot card is here to remind us that we can change our reality by exerting will over our thoughts and perceptions of the way things are. Instead of wresting control of a situation or of conflicting thoughts, like the traditional interpretation, we're creating a new reality by changing our thoughts. A fabulous thing to think about as the year begins.

To answer my questions, I do actively consider this concept and have changed my perceptions significantly in my life. I've retrained my entire outlook on life and my role in it, as a matter of fact. A good example in my life is the way I approach my survival as a freelancer. I don't allow doubts about finances or concerns about competition to enter my mind. And I have survived two recessions this way. I believe that the supply of work is abundant, clients will find me and the right jobs and quality of clients will come to me. I'm fortunate to say that I don't look for work, work looks for me. My clients are really great people. Very competent. And they respect me and are grateful to have me. All of this is due to my attitudes and beliefs. If I thought it was hard, it would be. But I don't. So it's easy. Sure, there have been times the going was rough, but I believed I'd always find a solution. And I always did. What's your story? And what perceptions might you want to change in the new year?