Sunday, September 11, 2016

9/12/16—Creating Magic In Your Life

A friend of mine recently introduced me to this book, E Squared. It's a book of nine energy experiments that "prove" your thoughts shape your reality. 

To begin with, and to get this out of the way, it's basic psychology that thoughts shape reality. If you're a negative person, you will naturally notice and focus on the negative things in your life. Meanwhile, someone can have the exact same experiences and see their world through a positive lens. Each viewpoint sets the world up to deliver more of that viewpoint, because you tend to screen out viewpoints that don't agree with yours. So if you're looking for something to complain about, you'll certainly find it.

But somewhere in all of this, for those who believe in things like higher powers and the ability to manifest things in the universe with the help of that higher power, a line gets crossed between basic psychology and "magic". And that line is located in a different place for different people. Some people are all in. Some are non-believers. For me, the line is nearer all-in, but also recognizes that other explanations may exist for whatever phenomena you're experiencing. That said, read tarot or practice psychic development long enough, and you'll definitely amass enough "evidence" that the universe interacts with us willingly, reliably and clearly when you are open to it. 

So the first experiment in this book is to ask God or the universe to send you proof that they exist and are listening, and that proof should come in the form of a surprise or gift. You don't get to say what the surprise will be. You get what you get. This is important because if you think you know what it's going to be, that is what you will look for and you might overlook or even reject the real gift. Besides, who better than God to decide what gift is appropriate to and the occasion?

The book also said to put a time limit on it for two days (which I don't normally do.) Then you're supposed to just let it go and trust. My two days were over Tuesday at 2pm. 

Tuesday at 2pm comes and goes and there's no surprise or gift. This really surprises me (haha, maybe that was the surprise?). After all, I have countless stories of times this kind of manifestation has worked for me and I was extra sure it would happen, because I was so excited. I truly believed something would come to me. But nothing came. 

So around 3pm I had to run out to do some errands. One of the things I hate about my PT Cruiser is that once a year or so, the check engine light goes on. And sometimes it turns itself off. But many times I have to bring it to a mechanic to the tune of $600. In Virginia, we get our cars inspected every year for emissions and safety. You can't get your car inspected with the light on, so you can't just ignore it. 

It usually goes on when it's really hot and pressure builds up in the gas tank. Sometimes just putting in gas and driving a long distance (like 70 miles) will make the light go off. But my light has been on for two months (fortunately for me, it went on right after I got my car inspected.) It mocks me every time I turn the ignition. It makes me regret my choice in vehicles. It stresses me out because it's expensive to fix.

On Monday, that damned check engine light was still on. But when I went to run errands Tuesday afternoon, it was off. 

Coincidence? Perhaps. It does turn itself off sometimes. But for anyone who wants to see more and greater magic in their life, this is a critical point. This is the point where you have to suspend disbelief and, instead of doubting the universe or questioning the "gift", extend your gratitude for gifts received. 

In my case, when 2pm rolled around, I was puzzled. Because I was sure the experiment would work and was anxious to see what the universe had cooked up for me. And when I got in my car,  I didn't even notice at first. But there I am driving around and thinking about how the deadline came and went and maybe I need to try again, and then I noticed. So I even felt like the universe was playing a little joke on an endearing way. 

So anyway, try the experiment yourself and let me know how it goes. Ask the universe to send you "a clear and positive gift or sign" in the next 48 hours. Suspend all disbelief, even get excited about it. And then, and this is important, keep your mind open. You will probably not get something wrapped in a Tiffany box with a bow. You may even wonder "is this really it?" Instead of that, be grateful for whatever good comes into your life. Then do the experiment again, if you like. 

The more you recognize the signs the universe is sending you—signs of good fortune and hope and love—the more of these signs you'll see. Keep it in mind, and you'll weather hard times easier, too. I was in a really bad place a couple of months ago and two powerful "signs" came at a critical moment one day, reminding me that the universe has my back. 

So maybe it's magic and maybe it's psychology. Believing it's psychology makes me less motivated to try. Kinda blah. Believing it's magic makes me want to do all sorts of fun things with it, however. So I'm going with magic, God's infinite grace, universal connection, etc. Who doesn't want more of that in their life?