Saturday, April 9, 2011

4/9/11—Honoring the Path

Weekend Reading: Confirmation from Keys of the Arcturians. This weekend, consider the path to your goal. Because the path is where all the lessons lie. We tend to emphasize "ends" and think of goals in terms of achievement or failure. But the path we take to those ends is where all the gifts are. Achievement is great. It's a big hooray. But win or lose, the soul and the self do all their growing on the way there.

Friday, April 8, 2011

4/8/11—Examining Intentions

Today's Draw: Seven of Swords from the Druidcraft. Are you conscious of where the line between charm and manipulation lies with you? The line between strategy and control? What are your true unconscious intentions?
In the Druidcraft, the Seven of Swords can indicate a couple of different things. One is a surge of insight and new ideas…replacing old thoughts with new. And the other involves the rightful use of our cunning and wits. The second meaning comes with a warning about the misuse of those abilities. So since we frequently focus on the first meaning in our draws, today we're going to look at the second meaning.

Humans are complex animals. Like all animals, we're programmed to find ways to acquire the things we need…food, water, shelter. But because we're so complex, we're also programmed to find ways to acquire the things we want and **think** we need. There isn't one among us, except maybe the Dali Lama, who doesn't consciously or subconsciously use manipulation to corral others to do our bidding in one way or another. This card asks us to be aware of the line between conscious control and subconscious control…to be aware of our true intentions in interactions with others.

This is something I think about frequently. That doesn't mean it keeps me from doing it. But it does mean I'm generally aware of when I'm doing it. But this is sacred ground. Most people who read this will say, "I'm not manipulative or controlling at all!" And they'll be wrong. It's as deeply ingrained in us as survival. As spiritual beings I think we need to at least be aware of when and how we're doing this, then aspire to do better.

That's what this card is about…being aware of when we're crossing that line and using our charm, intelligence, strategic wiles, anger, disappointment, sorrow, self-pity or other emotions to manipulate and control others. We can't be authentic without first being aware. Personally, I only have to think back to a conversation I had just before drawing this card to see where I might have unconsciously tried to manipulate or control another….and they unconsciously tried to manipulate and control me.

So take a good look at your interactions today and just observe. Become conscious. We can't have truly authentic, loving relationships with others unless we are authentic. And our own authenticity is not dependent on others. They can be however they want to be. The more aware you are of your own actions, the more aware you'll be of others' and cease to yield to their control. The only person we're in control of in any interaction is ourselves…and some of us even have issues with that…haha. But if we focused all the energy we use on steering others in a certain direction on ourselves, we'd start **having **the kind of authentic relationships we fail to achieve through our subconscious manipulations.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

4/7/11—Having What it Takes

Today's Draw: The Woman of Shields from the Healing Earth Tarot. Are you a little unsure as to whether you have what it takes to complete a project you've undertaken? Or are you currently on a journey of some sort and are thinking you're all alone?
The Healing Earth Tarot has six suits, so it doesn't correspond to a traditional deck. Shields is the suit of earth, but the Woman of Earth only roughly corresponds to the Queen of Pentacles.

The Woman of Shields comes here to tell us that we wouldn't undertake any task we don't have the resources and abilities to complete. She reminds us that we're not alone, we undertake every task in partnership with our higher power, as well as our higher self. There will be signs and assistance along the way to guide us on our course. And we should also honor this task, not only in pursuit of its outcome, but also as a pursuit into getting to know ourselves better. So along your path, remember to ask not only about the signs you may missing that are pointing you in a certain direction, but also ask what new or seasoned part of yourself the journey is revealing.

The Woman of Shields doesn't guarantee your success. She just says you have what it takes to complete a project. We tie up so much of our energy in winning or losing, success or failure, that we often forget there is no such thing as loss or failure. Some journeys we undertake are not about what we think they're about. And if we're not aware of all that's going on inside and outside us, we may miss the gift. A "failed" relationship yields personal growth. A "failed" project yields new contacts and new skills. Because we don't have the entire story of our life laid out before us, we're not really in a position to know why that "failure" came to us. And, in the extreme, we end up focusing on the failure, missing the gift and then, in our ensuing negativity, ignoring the opportunity that comes our way.

EVERYTHING is a gift. You will not be put on a path that leads to nowhere. And you are never alone because your God is with you. The skill to learn is how to surrender to all of this and trust. A brief example is my job search 15 years ago. I went on many interviews and crappy agencies loved me and good ones didn't. The last straw came when a creative director I admired looked at my portfolio and ripped apart an ad I wrote and conceived that won one of the world's most coveted creative awards. If I didn't have faith and the confidence in myself and my path, I would have just taken one of the crappy jobs and be done with it. After all, if this guy thought my best work was crap, then I was doomed. But I was so riled up that afternoon that I said to myself "screw it, I'll become a freelancer." Huh? The thought had never occurred to me before, but the second I thought it, it felt RIGHT. It's a really scary thing for a single person to do. But worst case scenario was that I "failed" and took a job with a crappy agency. Why WOULDN'T I pursue this? Only fear would hold me back. Anyway, within a week of having that thought for the first time, I gave my notice at work. And within a month of starting freelancing, I was earning more than any of the jobs I interviewed for were offering. Fifteen years and two recessions later, I'm still here. And all the contacts I made in the first 10 years of my career have provided me with a steady stream of work.

You never know why things are happening. But if you trust that they're happening for your higher good, you'll receive riches beyond imagination. You are on this path for a reason. Win, lose or draw, you can trust that.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

4/6/11—Moving Toward

Today's Draw: Six of Swords from the Maroon. What are you moving away from at this point in your life? More importantly, what are you moving toward?
The Six of Swords in the Maroon is unique in a number of ways. Traditionally this card shows a figure or figures in a boat moving away from choppy waters and toward calmer seas. Sometimes you see them moving toward a distant castle or something. But this card is different. The lone figure seems to be moving away from the security of a fortress. The waters are still all around him. You can't even see his wake. His boat is quite specially carved and is outfitted with a lamp to light his way. But the lamp seems to be placed toward what would be considered his past. Of course, it's hard to tell what direction he's going for sure, but he seems to me to be moving away. Oh, and the swords aren't stopping up leaks in a boat, there more like markers that tick his departure from the fortress.

So the departure seems calm, reflective. He's not rushing away or seeking any sort of rescue from the ills of his past. He seems to making a deliberate decision to honor the past and move on. It's just time.

Someone once said something very wise to me that has stuck in my head. She said "make sure you're not running away *from*, Tierney. Make sure you're running away *to*." Those were thought shifting words for me. I generally resist against change. But change has a way of changing even if you resist. Right now there are changes happening in both my career and personal lives. The timing is right for both. I'm not running away from, I'm running away to. But keep in mind that, for you, the change may not be in a physical location or stage of life, it could be in a mindset or way of thinking. That said, what transition might be occurring in your life right now? And, instead of wiping your slate clean of the past, are you honoring it as you move forward?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

4/5/11—Being Blissfully Distracted

Today's Draw: The Knight of Cups from the Anna K. What are you blissfully distracted by these days? A lover? A hobby? A project? A pet?
The Knight of Cups is a man on a romantic quest, so in love with the love he's feeling that he may be blinding himself to the hard work and stresses of a new relationship. But that's how it goes, doesn't it? We meet a new person or start a new project and happily allow frustrations we might otherwise avoid. We're under the influence of hormones in our bodies.

I once read somewhere that the risks of love and accepting the baggage of someone new is so uncomfortable that we wouldn't do it if we didn't have those mind-altering hormones churning through our veins. And, for me, that's true.

Anyway, right now I'm blissfully distracted by a very good man. And he's blissfully distracted by me. Which is the best kind of situation because usually I'm the only one being distracted...haha. So when I pulled this card today I knew its significance in my life. What does it mean for you? And if you don't have something new and exciting in your life...a new hobby or project, a new book, whatever....isn't it time you got yourself one? Having something to put a smile on your face and shake your world up is one of life's sweet pleasures.

Monday, April 4, 2011

4/4/11—Weathering a Storm

Today's Draw: The Hurricane Garden from the Post Psychedelic Cyberpunk Tarot. Where or what is your inner refuge? What's it like in there? And how often do you go there?
At the very least, The Post-Psychedelic Cyberpunk Tarot is a non-traditional deck. But it may not even be a tarot deck. Maybe an oracle. I've never counted the cards. And it doesn't have suits. And, as far as I'm concerned, it doesn't matter.

The Hurricane Garden draws from the room you're supposed to go in a the heart of the house, with no windows...the room most likely to survive a storm. Within each of us, there's a similar place we go to escape from all else. Some may only go in an emergency...or maybe they're dragged there kicking and screaming. And others visit often. But, like the room, it's that part of you that's mostly likely to weather a storm...and, as the card suggests, it's also a fertile place where all manner of beautiful things can grow.

I have lots of little places I escape to inside. Sometimes I take naps, so it's literally an unconscious pursuit. But I also have my meditation time each night out on my back deck when I go within and stoke the light. Another thing I'll do is play chants on my ipod. They always seem to take me to another world, a mystical place out in the universe where I feel more a part of the all that is.

I remember as a small child thinking that no matter how life enslaved me, it could never take away that part of me that's eternal. Of course, those aren't the words I used then, but it was the idea. Over the years there have been times I've doubted that truth...times I couldn't find my way back to a place that was safe and quiet...but I always managed to find it again eventually. So what about you?