Monday, April 4, 2011

4/4/11—Weathering a Storm

Today's Draw: The Hurricane Garden from the Post Psychedelic Cyberpunk Tarot. Where or what is your inner refuge? What's it like in there? And how often do you go there?
At the very least, The Post-Psychedelic Cyberpunk Tarot is a non-traditional deck. But it may not even be a tarot deck. Maybe an oracle. I've never counted the cards. And it doesn't have suits. And, as far as I'm concerned, it doesn't matter.

The Hurricane Garden draws from the room you're supposed to go in a the heart of the house, with no windows...the room most likely to survive a storm. Within each of us, there's a similar place we go to escape from all else. Some may only go in an emergency...or maybe they're dragged there kicking and screaming. And others visit often. But, like the room, it's that part of you that's mostly likely to weather a storm...and, as the card suggests, it's also a fertile place where all manner of beautiful things can grow.

I have lots of little places I escape to inside. Sometimes I take naps, so it's literally an unconscious pursuit. But I also have my meditation time each night out on my back deck when I go within and stoke the light. Another thing I'll do is play chants on my ipod. They always seem to take me to another world, a mystical place out in the universe where I feel more a part of the all that is.

I remember as a small child thinking that no matter how life enslaved me, it could never take away that part of me that's eternal. Of course, those aren't the words I used then, but it was the idea. Over the years there have been times I've doubted that truth...times I couldn't find my way back to a place that was safe and quiet...but I always managed to find it again eventually. So what about you?

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