Tuesday, April 5, 2011

4/5/11—Being Blissfully Distracted

Today's Draw: The Knight of Cups from the Anna K. What are you blissfully distracted by these days? A lover? A hobby? A project? A pet?
The Knight of Cups is a man on a romantic quest, so in love with the love he's feeling that he may be blinding himself to the hard work and stresses of a new relationship. But that's how it goes, doesn't it? We meet a new person or start a new project and happily allow frustrations we might otherwise avoid. We're under the influence of hormones in our bodies.

I once read somewhere that the risks of love and accepting the baggage of someone new is so uncomfortable that we wouldn't do it if we didn't have those mind-altering hormones churning through our veins. And, for me, that's true.

Anyway, right now I'm blissfully distracted by a very good man. And he's blissfully distracted by me. Which is the best kind of situation because usually I'm the only one being distracted...haha. So when I pulled this card today I knew its significance in my life. What does it mean for you? And if you don't have something new and exciting in your life...a new hobby or project, a new book, whatever....isn't it time you got yourself one? Having something to put a smile on your face and shake your world up is one of life's sweet pleasures.

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