Friday, April 8, 2011

4/8/11—Examining Intentions

Today's Draw: Seven of Swords from the Druidcraft. Are you conscious of where the line between charm and manipulation lies with you? The line between strategy and control? What are your true unconscious intentions?
In the Druidcraft, the Seven of Swords can indicate a couple of different things. One is a surge of insight and new ideas…replacing old thoughts with new. And the other involves the rightful use of our cunning and wits. The second meaning comes with a warning about the misuse of those abilities. So since we frequently focus on the first meaning in our draws, today we're going to look at the second meaning.

Humans are complex animals. Like all animals, we're programmed to find ways to acquire the things we need…food, water, shelter. But because we're so complex, we're also programmed to find ways to acquire the things we want and **think** we need. There isn't one among us, except maybe the Dali Lama, who doesn't consciously or subconsciously use manipulation to corral others to do our bidding in one way or another. This card asks us to be aware of the line between conscious control and subconscious control…to be aware of our true intentions in interactions with others.

This is something I think about frequently. That doesn't mean it keeps me from doing it. But it does mean I'm generally aware of when I'm doing it. But this is sacred ground. Most people who read this will say, "I'm not manipulative or controlling at all!" And they'll be wrong. It's as deeply ingrained in us as survival. As spiritual beings I think we need to at least be aware of when and how we're doing this, then aspire to do better.

That's what this card is about…being aware of when we're crossing that line and using our charm, intelligence, strategic wiles, anger, disappointment, sorrow, self-pity or other emotions to manipulate and control others. We can't be authentic without first being aware. Personally, I only have to think back to a conversation I had just before drawing this card to see where I might have unconsciously tried to manipulate or control another….and they unconsciously tried to manipulate and control me.

So take a good look at your interactions today and just observe. Become conscious. We can't have truly authentic, loving relationships with others unless we are authentic. And our own authenticity is not dependent on others. They can be however they want to be. The more aware you are of your own actions, the more aware you'll be of others' and cease to yield to their control. The only person we're in control of in any interaction is ourselves…and some of us even have issues with that…haha. But if we focused all the energy we use on steering others in a certain direction on ourselves, we'd start **having **the kind of authentic relationships we fail to achieve through our subconscious manipulations.

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