Sunday, June 28, 2015

6/29/15—Remembering Who You Are

So I have this thing where I cry when I'm watching TV. I cry at American Ninja Warrior when I hear the backstories of contestants who overcame obstacles to become an amazing, self-made elite athlete. I cry on America's Got Talent when someone gives a performance that is clearly channeled from God. I cry on Shark Tank when someone gets a good funding deal for their brilliant invention. I watch every week and cry and cry and cry.  

Introspective person that I am, I want to know WHY I cry. Is it because I'm a sap? I don't really think so. Is it because I sit on my arse watching TV while those people are out there actually doing things? Well, no. Maybe. But, no. My life may look boring from the outside, but I'm not missing out on anything that I want. So it's always vexed me. Why?

Well, I think I found the answer. Being human means forgetting who you are...forgetting you are an limitless soul, with the stuff of the higher power running through your veins. As humans, we let our bodies define us and our boundaries. We let our minds define what is possible. And we forget that we are spirits having a human experience. We forget that we are spirits, born of the god energy, at one with all that is.

Based on that, I've decided why I cry. I cry because, in those moments of achievement I see on TV, those people are connecting with their limitless spirit selves. If even just for that split moment, they've remembered who they are and its as if their body disappears and their spirit comes through. I cry, not so much because they've remembered, though, but because I recognize them. I remember who I am through them. Perhaps not consciously, but on a spirit level.

When we hop into a body with an ego and all of that, we become an individual. We don a personality. And we tell ourselves we are different from the person next to us. But in spirit form, there is only one...we are all part of the one. It's as if we pinch ourselves off from that whole when we become human.

We walk the spiritual path to find our way back to that universal form. We seek that reunion and catch longer and longer glimpses of it, but we inevitably return back to forgetting...and remembering we're here to have that human experience, with all the stresses and frustrations and separation that comes with it. The older souls may be able to experience more oneness here on earth, but they're also cursed with the wisdom of knowing that spirit...that just part of who we are when we're here. We're spirit. We're human. We're everything at once. 

So I'm thinking maybe when I see people having moments where they step into their highest selves, I remember. I recognize them as myself, from when we were the whole. I recognize them as human having a deeply spiritual experience from all the times I've managed to channel my own divinity. And I miss that iteration of me that didn't have to remember because I was always there.