Wednesday, April 6, 2011

4/6/11—Moving Toward

Today's Draw: Six of Swords from the Maroon. What are you moving away from at this point in your life? More importantly, what are you moving toward?
The Six of Swords in the Maroon is unique in a number of ways. Traditionally this card shows a figure or figures in a boat moving away from choppy waters and toward calmer seas. Sometimes you see them moving toward a distant castle or something. But this card is different. The lone figure seems to be moving away from the security of a fortress. The waters are still all around him. You can't even see his wake. His boat is quite specially carved and is outfitted with a lamp to light his way. But the lamp seems to be placed toward what would be considered his past. Of course, it's hard to tell what direction he's going for sure, but he seems to me to be moving away. Oh, and the swords aren't stopping up leaks in a boat, there more like markers that tick his departure from the fortress.

So the departure seems calm, reflective. He's not rushing away or seeking any sort of rescue from the ills of his past. He seems to making a deliberate decision to honor the past and move on. It's just time.

Someone once said something very wise to me that has stuck in my head. She said "make sure you're not running away *from*, Tierney. Make sure you're running away *to*." Those were thought shifting words for me. I generally resist against change. But change has a way of changing even if you resist. Right now there are changes happening in both my career and personal lives. The timing is right for both. I'm not running away from, I'm running away to. But keep in mind that, for you, the change may not be in a physical location or stage of life, it could be in a mindset or way of thinking. That said, what transition might be occurring in your life right now? And, instead of wiping your slate clean of the past, are you honoring it as you move forward?

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