Wednesday, April 20, 2011

4/20/11—Remembering our Divinity

Today's Draw: Magic* (Magician) from Margarete Petersen. Have you forgotten who you are? Do you ever even consider that question from a spiritual standpoint? And are you owning the magic you possess?

Traditionally the Magician shows us that we have the tools and power to consciously create our destinies. But the Margarete Petersen deck gives us a slightly different take on that. Here is the poem that accompanies this card:

Sun winds are stroking the strings of sitar,
The song of birds, the air is vibrating, pulsating,
Through the mask it sounds, I AM.
Soul glides into body—
Ever-new self-creation.
Knowing the essence of the elements.
Fire, Earth, Air, Water.
The lively dance of sounds.
Remembering oneness.
Audible breath

The way I interpret the poem is as a reminder of the source of our souls...what we were before we came to earth, what we will be when leave earth and why we are here. Whatever you believe God to be, you embody it. Personally, I believe everything that exists in the universe is what God is. So we are a little of piece of that. Before coming here, we were fully engaged in that light. And, according to how I read the poem, we came here to experience the sounds, the elements, the sensual experience of this earth. While here we have the gift of endlessly re-creating ourselves. And our mission here is to remember who we are—the light. And to experience this amazing place of beauty and lessons and love as the light. 

Which is probably why she named the card Magic, instead of The Magician. We are not the entity calling forth the magic. We are the magic itself.

My favorite astrophysicist, Neil de Grasse Tyson, has a famous speech where he says "we are not only in the universe, the universe is within us". Now, this is a SCIENTIST. And yes, he meant it in a literal sense that all the elements in the universe exist in our body. But he also meant it spiritually. This is the magic we're talking about. These are the winds, vibrations and pulsations the poem is talking about. This is who we are. The magic. 

I attend a fabulous healing session once a month. The healer guides me into my subconscious and, using music, I'm able to issue forth images from deep within. Sometimes I go into deep hypnosis and don't even remember what I say, but she writes it all down. And I consistently get the same messages, that I am divine. One such image was me ascending to the light where everyone was dressed in white. And as I, a lowly human approached these white beings, they were laughing at me. Not out of meanness, but out of teasing me because, in all my human incarnation, I had totally forgotten who I was. So they essentially gave me a tune-up and sent me on my way, playfully kicking me in the butt on my way out. I'm one of them. A precious and much loved one of them. So much a part of them that they found it funny how much I'd forgotten during my earth experience. 

And you're part of that, too. As is your asshole boss. And your nosy neighbor. And your beloved partner. You're part of that whether you're gay or straight, rich or poor, an upstanding citizen or a criminal. We all emanate from source. And we all return to source. And in between we have power to heal and grow and manifest, far beyond our conscious knowing. And our job here is to experience all of this, in this beautiful place with the sweet smells of spring, while also knowing who we are. This is the course of evolution that we're on. From experiencing life with God outside us, to experiencing it as one with God. And the cool thing is that we don't have wait 10,000 years to evolve a new body part to make this possible. We can change it right here, right now, by shifting our thoughts from how small and insignificant we are to how we are "the all" in human form. And also recognizing that everyone and everything we see is also "the all". We are all one. And we are all magic.

*The card image I posted was an image I found online from a deck in another language. So it says "Magie", but the English version says "Magic".

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