Monday, May 16, 2011

5/16/11—Practicing Omniscience

Today's Draw: Mother of Feathers from the Margarete Petersen. Do you want to come up with a million dollar idea? Do you wish you could get to the truth of a nagging issue? Could you use a fresh way of seeing an old pattern?

The Mother of Feathers, or Queen of Swords, rules over the clarity, birth and ultimate truth of our thoughts and ideas. She is the divine feminine of that realm, the mother and the nurturer. This card is dominated by the iris in the middle of the picture, birds in flight and the color blue. Blue corresponds to the throat chakra and relates to voicing and living our truth. Though the bound in the multi-layered box, she sees beyond its bounds. She sees into realms beyond her own. She cannot be contained or limited because she is omniscient. How can you contain something that is everywhere and sees everything?

Here in our human form, we tend to forget...or not even realize...that we are also omniscient. We also tend to think that certain types of ideas and thoughts come to us, when what is equally true is that we come to the thoughts and ideas. The secret to both is simply giving things a space in which to grow. 

A good part of what I'm hired for is to generate ideas. Lots of them. From many different perspectives. You could say I have a talent for it, yes. But what is perhaps more true is that I know the skill of it. And the skill of generating original ideas is to sit down and think. To focus on idea generation. To go to the ideas instead of waiting for them to come to you. This is something we're often not willing or anxious to do. Because it requires allowing the space for thoughts to form. And many will avoid this either because they're not used to the process or because that empty space in the head can be scary for those uninitiated to its wonders. So if you ever wonder what the difference is between you and inventors or people with million dollar ideas, it's because you're standing in a field waiting for lightning to strike you at random and others are in the same field holding lightning rods. Certainly ideas come at random all the time. But generating them ups your chances at hitting on a winner. 

As for the all-seeing in a broader sense...seeing outside of the box in which we live...that takes the same sort of easy effort. And some practice. This weekend at my ladies retreat, I led a seance. I asked the lady who owns the B&B if she would like us to contact anyone for her. She said she had a nephew that died recently and wanted to know how he was. That's all she told us. During the seance, a red headed, fair skinned man with freckles came to us (in our mind's eye...not everyone "saw" him, but nearly everyone had some experience with him). A couple of us felt breathing issues and discomfort down the center of our chest. And a couple heard the messages that he was ok and "tell them to let go because I have". We had no idea of the significance of all of that. But every single one of the, say eight or so, bits of information that came to us were 100% correct. He was indeed fair and freckled and red haired. He had cancer of the esophagus. And there was an aspect of the relationship that the B&B owner felt guilty about...something he had let go of that she needed to let go of, too. 

We "saw" into another realm. We received messages about things we couldn't have known about. And we weren't poking around in the dark...every single thing we experienced turned out to be true. The sight was clear....clairvoyant. The sensations were clear...clairsentient. And the words were clearly heard...clairaudient. 

What I'm getting at is this: Our minds are capable of coming up with anything we want, whether it's a million dollar idea, a visit to the other side, a journey into other worlds or a fresh way of moving through life. But if you sit around waiting for it to happen to you, you might wait an entire lifetime. You have to at least try to meet it halfway. And you must persist if it doesn't happen the first time you try or even the fifth. It is not as much a talent as a skill. And skills take practice. EVERYONE can generate new ideas for their life. EVERYONE can create new realities. And EVERYONE can go places that push against the bounds of  belief and return with information that is incontrovertible. So what will you give space and mind to today?

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