Tuesday, May 3, 2011

5/3/11—Relying on What You "Know"

Today's Draw: Mystery (High Priestess) from the William Blake Tarot. Are you comfortable living with what you do not know and cannot prove? Are you someone who's cool with open-ended conclusions or do you need closure? And what is going on in your life right now that is causing you to access your inner knowing?

Mystery or the High Priestess is a card wrapped in life's unexplained energies. She teaches us to rely on our inner wisdom...on our inner "knowing". She is the essence of the feminine in that regard. In a reading she might indicate that there are mysterious energies at work beneath the surface and this is why things are not yet clear to you.

When I go back in my life and try to excavate why the tarot took such a hold on my life, the answer I come up with is the embodiment of this card in many ways. I've always wanted to skip right to the end of things to know how they turn out. I used to read the ending of books first, then the rest of the book, for example. On top of that, I've always been attracted to the "magic" of the psychic arts. I think that's a common thing for tarot readers. Many of us believe we had past lives as witches, shamans, oracles or other types of seers. So the tarot, for many of us, is a part of our soul that we found here on earth and were able to re-bond with. 

So, it's safe to say that both my comfort with the High Priestess' inner knowing and discomfort with her unexplained energies created a spark within me that fueled my love for tarot. But it did not heal my dislike for open-ended conclusions. Many of you may know from other posts I've made here and there that my father was murdered. We know who the killer is and why, but there are so many other questions that we will never have answers to. On top of all of that, the killer was found not guilty and, for the past 23 years and counting, has lived as a free person. 

So, for someone who doesn't like open-ended conclusions, I've had a doozie I've had to live with for half my life. And I count myself fortunate because so many families of murdered and missing individuals don't have anything near what I have in the regard of "proof". I say all of this because, in the absence of proof and inarguable conclusion, you always have what you "know". And sometimes that's all you have. So it's important to trust in that. In our everyday lives, we come across so many things that we don't have the answers to...or don't have the answers to yet. And for people like me, sometimes the only way to move forward is to fill in the blanks with our inner knowing. We may be proven wrong. But at least we won't be going crazy in the meantime. 

So are you someone who "needs" to know the ending or have decisions and plans solidified? Or are you someone who's comfortable with open-ended things? If you're comfortable, can you explain why, because I'd be interested in hearing...haha. Also, in the absence of proof today, what do you "know"?

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