Monday, May 9, 2011

5/9/11—Charting Your Journey

Today's Draw: The Five of Fire from the Vision Tarot by Dirk Gillabel. What lessons do you think you came here to learn? What special gifts did you come here to share? And what's your whole view of the soul's journey? Do you think this notion even exists?

The caption on the Five of Fire is Journey. As a non-traditional deck, this card doesn't track with the Five of Wands, so it's not really about conflict or creative conflict. Perhaps internal conflict in a way. But what it's really about is the soul's journey. And, of course, this gets into spiritual and religious waters, so you're free to share your beliefs here if you disagree. But this card works on the premise that we have all come here for a reason, a purpose or a lesson for the soul. 

As briefly as possible, here's the way I believe it works. We are all part of the light, or God or spirit or however you want to see it. And we come down here and other places to experience different experiences. So we come here to experience the human experience. And before we come, we decide our course of study—that which we either need or want to learn to best serve the path of that higher self. So, decision made, we come down here to follow a largely pre-determined path of study. And some of our best buddies from the light come down on complementary or intersecting paths. Those are our soul mates. Some came to piss us off, some came to teach us lessons and some came to bring us love as they follow their own paths on this earth. And we do have free will in day-to-day things. But we also have a larger pre-determined path.

So, working on the premise that this or something similar is true, what do you think you came here to learn and share? If you've never considered this before, look at the things that continually frustrate you or elude you in your life. For me, self acceptance and self forgiveness have to be on the list. I'm awfully hard on myself. And while I know I'm creative and smart and good hearted, I can't seem to convince myself that's good enough. I can't seem to hold on to the notion that I'm "worthy" for any sustained period of time. Every day I get a little closer—it is definitely a conscious journey on my part—but I am still not there. And I might even have a little fear that if I get there, what then? Of course that's only one of the lessons I'm here for, but it seems to be the most prominent. 

And as for gifts, I think one of my gifts is in simplifying complex ideas so that people can better understand. Kind of like being a translator. A large part of my career as a copywriter was spent as a high-tech writer. Especially in the beginning of the mainstreaming of the computer industry, companies were geeky to the point that they only knew what they wanted to wanted to say about systems integration and data optimization and crap like that. But the decision makers in companies that would buy these services didn't understand technology. And the high-tech guys didn't know how to speak in plain English. Half the time they didn't even understand what the consumer benefits of their products and services were. They knew features, but not benefits. So that's what I would do. Make gobbletygook sound like something you've got to have. Things have changed in the industry since then and executives are more balanced all around, but that's how it was 20 years ago. 

Now I think the application of that gift, while still useful in advertising, is also in this spiritual stuff. So many people are fed up with churches these days, yet still want a relationship with God. For those who resonate with more metaphysical concepts, I can be of help. And the comment I've heard over and over again is that people like when I relate the day's card to myself. That's part of the explaining thing, but it also helps show both me and them that everyone is fallible and that's ok. 

One of the mistakes I think we all make is to try and steer someone else's path. We see someone else making mistakes that will send them deeper down in a ditch and we try to "save them". When this happens, consider that a lot of things are going on. To begin with, when you're busy studying their path and their issues, you're not addressing your own. Second, their path is not your path. The reason you can see their mistakes so clearly is because you already know that lesson. They are probably just as adept at seeing yours. And third, you can't walk their path with them or for them. To do so is to neglect your own path. You can't possibly know what's right for another person. You can think you know. You can say "they shouldn't be mainlining heroin". And on one level you're right. But on the soul level, you are very wrong. Heroin/temptation/addiction/immediate gratification is part of what they came here to address. 

I'm probably more aware of this premise than many, but I still make THAT mistake...haha. Just as recently as recently, in fact. If people want your help and if they want to work with you on your respective issues, they'll accept your presence in their life. And there ARE people who, for example, have learned the lessons you're working on and can work with you on those while you work with them on theirs. But just because they can doesn't mean they will. Not everyone is ready to work on their stuff. Some want to wallow in it. Some want to be in denial. Some are taking a rest in between lessons. Whatever. All of that is good. All of that is part of their process. And, frankly, none of our business.

So where are you on all of this? And what have you come here for? Consider this today as you go about your day. Because the more aware we are of what our destinations might be, the more capable we are of reaching them.

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