Friday, June 3, 2011

6/3/11—Conjuring the Best for All Involved

Today's Draw: The Lionface of Sticks (Knight of Wands) from the Sideshow Tarot. What are you so intent at conjuring? Have you thought really thought it through? And are your wishes for your own benefit or for the benefit of all involved?

Get a load of this dude. He's determined to conjure SOMEthing. And, judging from the power in his stature and focus, you're pretty sure he's going to get it. It's like every ounce of energy within him is fixed on whatever is in his sights. The only thing is, I can't quite get a fix on whether or not his intentions are good. It's so hard to tell with a lionface. ;)

I stopped by Trader Joe's (a supermarket) tonight on my way home. Outside of the store was a thin frail woman in a sari with a cute baby girl. They were sitting on the pavement and the woman held a sign saying she had three kids and couldn't afford to feed them. I reached into my purse to give her a couple of bucks and all I had was 10s, so I gave her one of those instead.

Probably because I'm on the verge of my time of the month, I started to cry twice in the store, thinking about this woman and how humbling it was for her to be in this position. I rarely see women asking for money. She was Indian and I wonder if anyone passed her by just because of that. Her toddler looked healthy, just playing on the sidewalk. I wondered if people doubted her intentions because the little girl looked so happy and healthy. But I also thought about how things have come in our country that a lovely lady like this was panhandling. That a little girl like that was being raised on the pavement in front of a Trader Joe's. I was glad that no one was complaining to management and that they let her stay there. I was grateful I could help. And I have to say I was ashamed that I was going to give her "a couple of bucks" when I am so blessed as to have a wallet full of tens. We tend to question the motivations of people who ask for money. But in my mind, there's no tougher job than working an intersection in DC in summer or getting nasty looks from the middle class as your child plays on the pavement at Trader Joe's while you ask for food and money.

As I was driving home from there, I thought of what I wanted to wish for her. Like the Lionface of Sticks, I believe we can create anything with our focused energy. And for everything I wished her, I immediately thought of the negative consequences that could occur from that wish. If I wished for abundance for her, how would she get it? What might she have to do to earn more than enough for her family? If I wished for her children to be well taken care of, I imagined that she might be separated from services might take them away and they might be raised well, but without their mother. So finally, I just wished them what I usually wish for people—the best for all involved. 

Each of us has a Lionface of Sticks within us...a power to conjure for ourselves and others. But with that comes responsibility. It's the old "be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it." So usually when I conjure things for myself, I ask for feelings instead of things. You can't go wrong asking for feelings. And I usually also include the intent of "for the good of all, according to the free will of all". That covers me on a karmic level and, frankly, I don't want anything if it comes at a cost (on a soul level) to someone else. Receiving something like an award may mean that someone else doesn't receive it, but that's a personal cost, not a soul cost. And that's an important distinction.

I believe we have to be especially careful when we wish things for others. We cannot possibly know their path. We cannot possibly know what is needed for their soul's evolution on this planet. We may think we know, but we don't. Other people's fates and business is between them and their god and is not for us to mess with. So I always come back to "the best for all involved" because it doesn't mess with the agreements their soul has made with their god for this lifetime. It doesn't assume we know what's best for them. 

It's actually one of those wishes that's fulfilled before you even wish it. And it's more for our own peace of mind than anything else. Because, on a soul level, life only brings what's best for all involved anyway. It may not always seem that way, but that's only because we're focused on these experiences in this lifetime, rather than the big-picture needs of our eternal soul. Tonight's interaction was just one more example of that. In fact, I'm pretty sure I made out better on our deal tonight, because she gave me the gift of driving home just how fortunate I am to be on the above-water end of today's economy. We were two strangers, able to serve as angels for each other. And that's a beautiful thing...the best for all involved.

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