Wednesday, June 8, 2011

6/9/11—Letting the Sun Rise on its Own

Today's Draw: The Sun from the Baroque Bohemian Cats. Do you feel like you're swimming upstream right now? Or are you letting the flow take you where you need to go? What is joyfully progressing—or annoyingly stagnant—in your life?

The Sun is one of those cards you're always happy to see in a reading. It signifies joy, happiness and new beginnings. The Sun is life giving and life affirming. No matter what the night might bring, the Sun always rises in the morning, renewing hope and giving you a fresh chance to get things right. 

In a reading, The Sun would indicate that whatever struggles you've been experiencing are through. Suddenly you see clearly. You have the energy and drive you didn't have before. Life is sunshine and roses. You feel so confident you might even make a bold move you wouldn't otherwise make. Take this little kitty, for example. He must be feeling awfully good about himself to stand so confidently atop that carousel horse.

A few months ago, the Sun rose in parts of my own life. Since March, I've taken a lot of risks that I've avoided for a long time, both in my professional life and my personal life. I can't for the life of me figure out why all these moves were so easy for me to make now when they eluded me for so long. I'm someone who fights change tooth and nail, but right now I just seem to be flowing with it. 

This begs the question, though, is all our striving inefficiently used energy? Sure, we can force ourselves to change and grow. Or we can wait for the moment  the energies are more supportive and our lives change and grow for us.

When I look back, it seems all the guilt and kvetching over being stagnant was wasted energy. Because now everything is flowing naturally. Which makes me think of other areas of my life where there is no movement at this time. If I just wait it out, will those changes become effortless, too? If I wait for my confidence in those areas to grow, will the energy come to meet me? I think so. Right now I cling to certain circumstances because they feel safe. And in the areas that are going so well right now, I feel bold enough to leave my previous safety behind.

If we believe that everything happens at the right time—and I do believe that—how come we spend so much effort trying to make NOW the right time? I'm all for taking the path of least resistance. I'm all for surrendering to the universe and trusting in its wisdom. But sometimes I need a reminder. 

The Sun comes as that reminder. Every dark night gives way to a fresh day. And fighting against that dark and trying to force the Sun to rise before its time is fruitless. The new day always comes and shines its light on the proper path to get us to where we need to be. We just need to wait. And trust that moment will come.

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