Wednesday, July 27, 2011

7/28/11—Feeling Out Of Sorts

Today's Draw: The Moon from TaRat. Are you feeling out of sorts lately? Do you sometimes find yourself waxing and waning with the moon and tides? Is someone or something keeping you from seeing clearly right now?

After the last couple of days, I wanted a lighter topic. And I got The Moon, one of the deepest cards in the deck. *throwing hands up* What can you do?

Like the moon, our lives wax and wane. At times we feel directed and focused on filling our highest potential. And sometimes we wane, getting lost in confusion. The moon is a card of cycles, intense emotions, watery distortion, psychic clarity and reflection. If all that seems confusing, that's The Moon. 

Further, in this particular moon card, our friend the rat has stolen a part of the moon, keeping us from experiencing the fullness of its illumination. So in a reading I might ask who or what is keeping you from seeing the full picture? Could you possibly be the culprit? 

In some ways, I'm feeling the best I've felt in a long time. But in other ways, these days, I'm feeling out of sorts. Maybe it's out of sorts for me to feel good emotionally...haha. But more than anything, I do feel like a part of me—a part of my fullness—has been ripped away by some illusive and elusive source. 

I stay up too late, then feel a need to nap during the day and I have a hard time stopping napping. I'm not compelled by much else lately. I do my work and do a good job. In fact, I'm producing at a higher rate than normal. But it's as if life is being lived through a cloud. I'm going through the motions, but not much is registering. On the other hand, I feel very even-keeled emotionally. I feel more engaged in friendships and my relationships with my dogs. So perhaps it's just a shift in my focus. Maybe it's a phase of peri-menopause. Maybe it's because it's been so hot and I'm spending less time in nature. Maybe it's a function of my blood sugar as a diabetic. Maybe I'm just burned out and need a vacation. Maybe it's all of it. Maybe it's none of it and I'm just fooling myself. 

That is the moon...illusive and elusive.

Right now the moon is waning. There's about as much moon left as our rat friend is carrying on his back. Perhaps this is a sign that it will soon be over. He's exiting to the left...going into the past and taking his stolen moon part with him. But he can't change the cycles. The moon will soon start fulling. And clarity will return.

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