Thursday, July 7, 2011

7/7/11—Securing Our Insecurities

Today's Draw: Two of Discs from the Cosmic Tribe. Is there something you're feeling especially insecure about these days? Do you tend to see your flaws magnified and your assets minimized? What do you see in this card to help answer the question of the day?

So the question I asked today is, "What's the best way to approach our insecurities?" I ask this because at the end of the month I'm getting together with a room full of people I haven't seen since I was 14 or so. Most of them I don't even remember from then, but Facebook brought us together. And, well, I thought I'd be four or five sizes smaller by now...haha. But that's not what happened. And so I'm insecure.

Rationally, I know that it's nearly impossible to see past my scintillating personality, engaging wit and fascinating repartee to even care what kind of a package I arrive in. But our feelings and self-judgments aren't always rational. As far as I know, no one has ever NOT liked me simply because of my size. No, I most certainly gave them other reasons to dislike me. 

Anyway, reunion or not, I know other people feel the same way I do. So here's what the Two of Disks wants us to know. As the butterfly in the picture, we all rise from ether...from spirit. We all come from the same place. As some say, we are spirit having a human experience. We are all perfect, flawless as we are. It's that "human experience" part that brings other options into question. In the context of spirit, all this is not only trivial, but it's just a flash of a moment in time. Further, each of us has different lessons to learn in life, but perhaps the one universal lesson (or one of the few) is learning to accept and love ourselves. Beautiful people, smart people, and green and white striped people are all the same—we all have something about ourselves that doesn't "measure up". And by measure up, I mean to our OWN standards. Most people are too absorbed in their own issues to spend time assessing your scorecard. It's you who is judging you, far more than society (though I acknowledge that society can sometimes be a bitch). And while others may never let on and let you see it, they're just as insecure as you. And if they've somehow managed to transcend all insecurity, then they have walked on their own coals to get there and most certainly can't judge you for where you are.

Another thing the Two of Disks wants us to know is the only constant is everlasting and expanding change. Butterflies are like the international symbol for transformation in the mystic community. So think you know yourself now? By tomorrow, you'll discover something has changed. Not only that, we're infinitely capable of creating change. So if there's something you don't like, you can change it. And for those who say, "well, what if you were born with two heads connected at the nostrils, smartypants?" Well you can change that, changing the way you feel about it. So if you can't make a physical change, you can change the way you see your issue, even to the point of making lemon out of lemonade. In fact, changing the way you feel about something is usually the first step toward creating more substantive change in your world.

The butterfly's wings show red or "stop" on the left and green or "go" on the right. The left is the past in mystic symbology. So another thing the Two of Disks wants if for us to stop looking at the past. Stop looking at how you've been received in the past. For example, in the case of these high school people, we've all grown and seen a lot of life in the past 30 years. Priorities, personalities and attitudes have changed. Instead of looking in the past, look at what is "now" and what could be in the future.

Finally, the wings also give a nod to balance and unity of opposites. Let's face it. We're all complex creatures. We're not just one thing. And the things that we focus on about ourselves are just one or two aspects of a complex you. Having certain flaws doesn't erase all the hundreds of other compelling things you are. Each quality is just another brushstroke in a much larger Impressionist painting.

So that's what the Two of Disks wants us to know. Is there something creating insecurity in your life today? And what words of wisdom might you have to share with others?

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