Wednesday, August 3, 2011

8/4/11—Developing Intuition

Today's Draw: The Priestess from the Gaian Tarot. Do you believe you're an intuitive being? Do you think humankind is still evolving? And how? Do you feel drawn to strengthen your own intuitive capabilities?

We've talked about intuition before. The Priestess follows her inner voice—the one that communicates in non-linear ways of knowing. She does not concern herself so much with rational thought. She trusts the whispers in the wind, her gut instincts, her inner knowing and the voices of dreams. She is shown in this card as both maiden and crone, because she combines the openness of youth with the wisdom of age. Hers is a knowing earned through trust and the conscious reconditioning of her ways of acquiring information. 

Everyone is intuitive. Even animals are intuitive...consider the phenomenon of dogs who know when their owners are coming home. Or the subtle energetic signal that makes a whole flock of birds turn on a dime. Or elephants and other animals that can predict earthquakes and weather events. We're no less capable as them, we just have little need to exercise that muscle these days...or so we think. 

Some of the things you can do to strengthen your intuition is to start noticing it. When a voice inside your head says "turn right" instead of left, turn right. Pay attention to your dreams. And honor those times when you say or think something and then it happens later that day or week. What you call "coincidence" is what metaphysical people call "synchronicity". We don't believe in coincidence. We believe these things happen because you draw them to you. You don't just coincidentally think of Person X right before they call you on the phone, for example. The more you notice and honor intuition, the sharper your intuition will become.

For those of you on Facebook, there was a very interesting discussion about evolution here:!/photo.php?fbid=1955845339289&set=a.1051543972320.2011434.1337377212&type=1&theater Basically the woman I was talking to said that people evolve individually and we're not evolving together as a race. She has written a book touching on all this. Others believe the same sort of thing, but that 2012 will separate the intuitives from the non-intuitives in some way. Still others believe this is *how* we are evolving as a race—that our physical evolution has come to a halt and evolution is now happening in the intuitive realm. 

I can't really say where I land on all this. It could be any of those things or none at all. So my mind is still open. After all, I DO believe that, in many ways, ancient man was more intuitive than we are today and modern society has sort of stripped us of that. I mean, who needs to intuit the weather when you have the Weather Channel? Who needs to sense an approaching bull, when you have perimeter cameras? And who needs to intuit where the food sources are, if there's a grocery store on the corner?

That said, I strongly believe that intuition is the most important skill for us to develop in our lives. It's not given a whole lot of credit or value in today's world. Today's world is all about proof and logic. But I do believe that as we move forward, we're going to need our intuitive abilities more than ever before. I don't know why I feel that way. I just do. And that's intuition. And if you must be logical about it, then consider this: it can't hurt. Believe me, being able to "feel" another person's energy and following my instincts has saved my butt many times. It can never hurt to take that to the next step. 

It's one of the few life skills that aren't taught in school, and that's a shame. There is so much going on in the ether that we don't yet know about logically. But that doesn't mean it ain't happening. So just start by noticing and trusting that your "hits" aren't coincidence, but real intuitive hits. Not even the most talented intuitives are 100%, so don't assume it has to serve all the time. But open your mind to the possibility that it can happen more often than "coincidence".

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