Wednesday, August 31, 2011

9/1/11—Balancing Chaos and Harmony

Today's Draw: Planet Earth Stage One from AboraMana. Do you strive for peace and harmony? Do you thrive in chaos? Or is the more gratifying path found when you embrace both?

AboraMana is a woman-focused, channeled oracle deck of sorts. For those that aren't familiar with the term, "channeled" means that the information was received from a higher source—spirit guide, god, goddess, whatever. The deck's creator says the information and images were channeled to him and he was just the person who did the drawings and took down the words, based on what the higher source showed him and told him to do. 

So this Planet Earth Stage One card talks about how every planet that holds life is called Earth. It speaks of layers of fire, rock and water and electromagnetic energy, about poles and equators and the sun. But it's not talking about OUR Earth, just any earth. And some of the stuff didn't apply to our earth. Quite frankly, I had a hard time gleaning much of a message from the card until the very last two sentences: "The law of chaos says that where everything is balanced and in harmony, there is no change. Change only occurs when balance is upset."

For example, if our earth's axis were in alignment with the North and South poles—in balance and in harmony—we would have no seasons or fluctuations of daylight hours during the year. We need that tilt, that imperfection, to have the complete distribution of life on our planet and the seasonal variety, crops, populations, etc. we have on our earth. Similarly if we were able to achieve some lasting state of balance and harmony, as we are led to believe we should, then we would cease changing. And life would become quite boring. 

Now, there is no scientific "law of chaos". And, when you think about it, "chaos" and "law" are something of an oxymoron. But the thought is nonetheless interesting and something to consider the next time everything goes whackadoo in our world. 

It's also something to consider the next time we hit a patch of balance and harmony. If you're like me, you achieve something like that and sit pretty in it for a period of time, then one day it's not there anymore and you're left wondering why and how. Now, at least, you know why. It's time to grow again and reach a new level of harmony and balance. 

Finally, it's something to consider as we strive for balance and harmony. You know, we put all this effort into something that feels great at first, but ultimately leaves us stagnant. If we achieve that state of balance and harmony....and stay there...we can never change. And if we never change, balance and harmony just ends up feeling "normal", instead of a blissful exhale. Since change only happens when the balance is upset, we should not only strive for balance, but for the eventual loss of it as well.

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