Wednesday, September 14, 2011

9/15/11—Turning You On

Today's Draw: Page of Cups from the Herbal Tarot—Damiana. What gets you in "the mood"? Have you ever used a chemical or herbal substance to heighten the mood? What pushes you past the point of no return?

The Page of Cups in this card is dipping his/her toes into life's stream of emotion to see if he/she can determine what is on the horizon for him/her. If you got the Page of Cups, it would signal interest in a new relationship or in experiencing something new in the realm of love or emotion. I usually read it as a message about love or a new opportunity on its way.

Since it's the Herbal Tarot, each card corresponds to an herb. And this card's herb is damiana, an aphrodisiac that can be made into a tea or smoking blend. An aphrodisiac is anything that heightens sexual arousal...a food, drink, drug or action. There are Mexican margaritas that use a damiana liqueur in place of triple sec and it's lore that it was an ingredient in the original margarita. Damiana is illegal in Louisiana, but legal elsewhere in the US and you can get it most places you buy herbs. In fact, I think you can get it at Sticks and Stones, where I read tarot.

Speaking of aphrodisiacs, I poked around and found some lists of turn ons for men and women. Among the turn ons for men are a woman with an accent, breasts, butts, dirty talk, full lips, a sexy voice and enthusiasm about sex. Among the ones for women are a man who makes you feel like a woman, sensitivity, taking charge, intelligence, sense of humor, a man who's good with kids, a man in uniform and a great body. 

Not that those things are turn offs for me, but they wouldn't be at the top of my list. I like a sense of humor and a man who takes charge, sure. But top on my list of aphrodisiacs is whispered words. And being with someone I know I can trust and be vulnerable with. Beyond that and maybe a few other things, nothing outside of me and the person I care for heightens the mood significantly enough to even be a thought for me. And since I have my father's libido, there's no need for any assistance. Over the course of my lifetime I've experimented with various aphrodisiacal substances and while some of it has been fun, I kind of like being "all there". And alcohol is a real turn-OFF for me.

So what gets you going? Are you typical for your sex based on the things I found above? Or are you some sort of weirdo? :D

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