Monday, November 14, 2011

11/15/11—Directing Our Lives

Today's Draw: Father of the Spiritual Level—The Director, from The Game of You. How often do you check your intentions before you make a choice? Do you see yourself as being in control of your life? Or is your life in control of you? Who's really in charge of this joint?

The Director is that aspect of ourselves that directs the movie of our life. And the better he knows the motivations beneath the main character's actions (you), the better he's able to do his job. I mean, if a director doesn't know the motivations of the main character in the production, how can he have control over the storyline?

Even those who examine their intentions work on automatic most of the time. I mean, if we spent all our time examining our intentions, when would we ever live? I'm sure it's a shock for some to hear this from me, but you CAN be too introspective. 

One good touch point when examining the intentions behind a decision is "is this choice for the good of all?" And by that, it could be "is this purchase going to benefit the family or put it in debt?" "Is this separation going to benefit all the people involved?" "Does my smoking impact people other than myself?" 

As a single person, I know we can often be deluded that our actions affect only ourselves. None of us live in a vacuum. There are family members, friends, pets and co-workers who are impacted by the choices we make in our lives.

We won't always make choices that are for the good of all. And we won't always know what the good of all even is. But it's a nice ideal to shoot for, not just for the sake of karma, but to pull us out of ourselves and think of the deeper implications of ordering that high fat meal, telling that client to screw themselves or insisting on a Coach tote when some other brand will tote just as well.

The Director reminds us that our current situation was commandeered by our choices and the intentions behind them. We form the movie of our lives and if we find ourselves in a situation where we feel out of control or unhappy, we made it happen. And we can make it unhappen, too. And if we have to take responsibility for the bad stuff, then we have to take the credit for the good stuff, too. No writing stuff off to good luck or bad luck.  It's all the work of the Director.

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