Thursday, November 24, 2011

11/25/11—Catching a Stranger's Eye

Today's Draw: The Lovers from the Oracle Tarot by Lucy Cavendish. How often do you catch eyes with a complete stranger and have "a moment"? Do you ever wonder if there's a reason why that has happened? Do moments like that feel significant to you or are they just odd coincidences?

We got this card just two days ago. If you have a chance, take a look at the mood and feel of this card vs. the one we had for Tuesday. Every deck speaks a different language. It's statistically notable that four out of five days this week we've pulled major arcana cards that point us toward major life lessons and developments—difficult choices, big changes and the ending of key cycles have all been highlighted. I know that's all relevant to my life right now. 

This Lovers card speaks of soul mates. I don't believe in soul mates the way most people do. Most people think there's one perfect person out there meant to be your ultimate partner. Sometimes you think you've met him/her and then you end up sadly mistaken. Other times you're afraid you'll die without ever meeting them. But I don't believe in soul mates like that.

I've written before about how I think we have countless soulmates that we call friends, co-workers, siblings and, yes, even lovers. That soulmates are nothing more than people who have been with you in some role in multiple lifetimes. Someone you were married to in one lifetime might be your son in this lifetime, for example. Or someone you dislike in this lifetime may have been your best friend at one point in your soul's journey. Soulmates, in my belief, are just others in your soul circle with whom you share similar paths and lessons, lifetime after lifetime. But the idea goes even deeper than that for me.

Many years ago I read a book that suggested there is deeper meaning even to strangers whose eyes you catch on the street or who you keep running into in the grocery aisles. I never thought about those people the same way again. In fact, I don't think the same way about any brief, seemingly meaningless encounter anymore. 

Certainly you've caught the eye of a stranger before and had a hard time looking away, not because you found them physically attractive, but because there was "something" there. To me, it feels like some sort of subconscious recognition and acknowledgment. Or maybe some sort of energetic communication.

The book suggested you talk to the person, if you can get a chance. See if they have some sort of message for you. I admit I've tried that many times and haven't gained any wisdom of note. You'd think because of that, I'd stop giving these encounters import, but I don't. And the reason why I don't is because I really do feel something stir in my depths when this happens. Like there's a profundity to these fleeting moments. I can't NOT feel that way. And yet I can't say for certain what meaning they hold. All I can say is it's some kind of recognition and acknowledgment on a deeply subconscious level. 

Think about how often that happens in your life. And then think about how pretty much every other stranger is a blur. 8 billion people on the planet and only a few stand out. And then, probably more often than weekly, you're walking down the street and lock on to one person in the crowd. No matter how shy you are (and I'm not someone terribly comfortable with eye contact) you can't look away. It's not just that you're comfortable in the gaze, you Can't. Look. Away. Something is going on there. Not just energetically, but deeply on a soul level. 

I think these people are your soul mates, too....part of your soul circle that travels through lifetimes together. Maybe they helped you change a tire in one lifetime, maybe you worked with them in another, delivered their child in another...or maybe they were the love of your life in yet another. For some reason, in this lifetime, your paths are parallel and not destined to cross. But something inside of you "knows" them. 

Cool, huh? To think that life and eternity might really work that way? That we're all spirits from the other side coming down time after time to help each other with their lessons. And for some strangers, maybe we just serve as a reminder that we're keeping an eye out for each other. Or a reminder that we're more than just Tierney and Nancy and Steve. That when we're not here on earth, we're hanging out together in a place where we know the perfection and divinity and boundlessness of who we are. And when we're here, we're helping each other remember that.

So those strangers and, of course, the not-so-strangers in your life are all like little winks from the beyond...reminding you this is all just a temporary assignment in a much larger existence. And that your soul support is such that you can't even walk down the street without catching the eye of someone who cares. Something to think about next time a stranger stands out.

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