Wednesday, January 25, 2012

1/26/12—Ranting for My Peeps

Today's Draw: Page of Swords from the Icelandic Tarot. Do you have an imagination? Are you a bit odd? Are you looked down upon by residents of Stepford? Read on!

This cool, black and white image reminds me of some sort of mid-century sculpture that would look great in my home. It also reminds me of the Man of La Mancha logos I've pictured below (FBFs can see them at On the card itself, it says, "Person adept at uncovering the unknown. Self control."

Man of La Mancha is about a dreamer who escapes into his imagination to put on a play in order to save his manuscript from other prisoners who want to destroy it during the Spanish Inquisition. This is the musical that made the song, "The Impossible Dream" famous (To dream, the impossible dream...). 

The way I see this connected to "person adept at uncovering the unknown" is this...dreamers and folks who are drawn to the unknown get a bad rap. We're considered silly. Stupid. Crazy. People roll their eyes at us and discount what we have to offer. Creative people get the same crap. We're just a bunch of frivolous Peter Pans in the minds of mainstream, boring America. And to that, I stick out my tongue, insert my thumbs into my ears and wiggle my fingers wildly. 

Nothing ever got discovered by someone who wasn't good at uncovering the unknown. (I mean, duh!)

Nothing ever got invented by someone who wasn't a dreamer or who didn't have an imagination. (Ditto duh!)

And nothing original was ever conceived by someone who wasn't creative. (Booyah! The triple-duh threat! A triumvirate of duhs! Duh cubed!)

Duh Quixote, aka Miguel Duh Cervantes
People who poo-poo imagination and creativity are really good at holding down the fort while we dreamers come up with better forts for them to build. I'll give them that. But I'm tired of my peeps being treated like idiots because we "sit around lost inside our heads all day" while they do all the heavy lifting. I mean, seriously. Who's the REAL idiot in that scenario?

So this is for all the stiff-collared "grown ups" who will never read this post anyway....

By Pablo "Silly Artist Boy" Picasso
Those people you like to call idiot, hippie-freak, head-in-the-clouds, over-imaginative, immature, woo-woo, creative dreamers get to have everything you get to have, only we get to have more fun doing it. And we also get to go down in history alongside names like Albert "the hair" Einstein, Steve "the game-changer" Jobs, Thomas "the imagi-holic" Edison, Leonardo "duh" Vinci and that crazy FREAK who thought the world was round, Christopher Columbus. 

Better yet, that "kick me" sign that's been stuck to your back all day? We put it there. 

So.... *sticking out tongue, inserting thumbs and wiggling fingers*      </rant>

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