Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2/16/12—Channeling Your Inner Doofus

NOTE: I have changed words and images in this entry from the original posting because it was getting countless hits a day from people looking for a certain cartoon character that was mentioned here. It occurred to me that many may be children and, since many serious religious and spiritual topics are discussed here, I thought it best if I removed all mentions of the cartoon character.

Today's Draw: The Nine of Wands from the Simply Deep Tarot. What's the last really stupid or clumsy thing you've done? When did it happen? And did you see it coming and did it anyway?

For some reason, this image amused me. It reminds me of those "d'oh" moments where you do something really stupid—something you should know better than to do—but you don't realize how stupid it was until the consequences come. Maybe this guy happened upon this fire innocently, but today it's looking to me like he thought it was a good idea to light the big log on fire and, once the blaze got really going, realized it would also consume the two bendy straw logs and probably all the others in its wake.

It's possible I may do something like that at least once every day...haha. Today I had my dogs on their leashes when I remembered to get my phone out of the charger. So my living room is kind of narrow and I have a long coffee table and the phone is at the far end of the coffee table and there's a vase of flowers at the near end. So there I am with the dogs on their leashes and they go down one side of the coffee table and I go down the other and, of course, the flowers get toppled and water goes everywhere. I saw it coming and did it anyway.

I had another incident on the way home from our trip to the park where I almost hit another car that either came out of nowhere or I didn't see it because I had a rear view mirror full of dogs. When I finally saw the car, the lady inside was making kissy faces at my dogs and waving at them, oblivious to the fact that I almost plowed right into her without seeing her. Or maybe she was waving at me to stop and had her lips pursed in fear. Either way, she almost died waving.

Which gets me many stupid things do I do in a day that I don't even register? I mean, stuff like this is forgotten as quickly as it happens. How many doofus moments do we have in a day anyway? In my insular little freelance world I'm not even exposed to general society on a regular basis. And I had two incidents I can remember today. When you think about it, it's a wonder life is as safe as it is with as many "near misses" as we have in a day.

So just for fun, make yourself conscious of this and see what happens. See how many times you do something clumsy, narrowly escape serious injury or otherwise create an unintentional nuisance. And for bonus fun, come back here and share your stories with the rest of us. :)

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