Sunday, March 25, 2012

3/26/12—Loving the One You're With

Today's Draw: Nine of Cups from the Mary-El Tarot. If a friend gave you a gift, would you thank them or complain about how it's the wrong size, wrong color and not what you asked for? How do you receive the gifts the universe bestows on you every day...with gratitude or with frustration, insisting it's not what you asked for? How are you treating the magic that is happening right now in your life?

Traditionally this card is known as the "wish card", a card where all your wishes can or have come true. But Marie White approaches this from a different direction, asking you to accept where and who you are right now with love and gratitude. It's really just two sides of the same coin.

It's kind of like that song, "if you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with." You can spend a lifetime hoping for some sort of magic to come into your life when all your wishes will be granted. Or you can see this moment—and all your moments—as magic. You can see how this moment is the one you created, the one you wanted. And if you're not liking it, you can want something different (and think/behave like you want something different). 

I mean, look at this dude. It's like he's connected to the universe by some cosmic umbilical cord. Peace and happiness are his birthright. All he has to do is just trust and receive. But thinking it's all going to be sunshine and unicorns is, frankly, immature. If you ask for a new job and then do little to find one, the universe may have to kick you in the arse and make your current job miserable to motivate you. In that way, misery in your job is exactly what you asked for—and need—to get the thing you want. 

Get it? Sometimes, but not all the times, getting what you want comes with a dose of what you don't in order to screech your momentum to a halt and get you going in a new direction. So that thing that looks like you're not getting what you asked for may be necessary in order to get it. And if you're not grateful for it or ask for it to stop, the universe may think you don't what what you asked for anymore.

I can't count the number of times in a week that my thoughts will spontaneously manifest something for me. The following things all happened on Thursday and Friday last week. I'm driving during morning rush with no coffee in my system thinking morning drivers are insane. Then I nearly sideswipe a poor woman and, a few minutes later, another woman nearly plows into me. I MADE the crazy. On the positive side, I had a Billy Joel song in my head the other day, walked into Starbucks and one of his songs was playing in the store. I was thinking about someone I don't hear from very often and they emailed me. I wondered how I was going to pay for my dog's surgery and the money came. This is just two days last week and only what I remember happening off the top of my head.

This stuff happens ALL the time and we don't notice it or we don't acknowledge it. There are people that this happens to that nonetheless walk through life with their heads down wondering why great stuff never happens to them. For one thing, their belief that great stuff doesn't happen for them makes it so that great stuff doesn't happen to them. And for another thing, the few things they allow to creep in through the cracks aren't acknowledged or given gratitude for. If you wonder why magic doesn't happen in your life, it's because you wonder why magic doesn't happen in your life. It's that simple.

So this moment is magic in motion. Even if you can't see it yet. My world isn't quite an ecstatic dance through a field of wildflowers right now. Looking at the work I know is coming in, I'm going to be very busy at work for a number of weeks. My athletic baby boy dog just had surgery and needs to stay inactive for a couple of months. My brother has a terminal disease. And, disappointingly, some people I considered friends have all but disappeared from my life. 

But magic is all around me. Being busy at work means money is coming in and I'll be feeling productive. My dog's injury happened at a time in his life when he's still young enough to heal effectively and, in a few months, he'll be stronger than ever. I'm not going to claim there's anything good about my brother's illness, but it has improved our relationship. And everything else is lessons that will lead to better things in the future. 

When you feel blessed and trust that everything happens for a divine reason, you are and it does. In that way we literally create our own realities. So think about how you feel about your life right now. What are you creating? And if you don't like it, what can you do to turn it around? Are you ready to start noticing the magic that happens every day in your life?

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