Monday, May 28, 2012

5/29/12—Depolluting the Spring

Today's Draw: Ace of Water—Spring—from Waking the Wild Spirit by Poppy Palin. What's dragging you down? What steps can you take today to move toward change? How is the health of your aquifer?

The spring is the origin, the place the water comes from to make a stream, then a river, then an ocean. It is the source. For those who drink from it, it is a source of healing and purification. You are drinking of the earth, a water fed by earth and filtered by earth. The whole of the universe exists within each tiny drop.

Each of us holds within it a similar source. But everything from the people around us and the quality of our lives to our own actions and habits can either add to the purity and nutrition of the spring or deplete it. The myriad little choices we make on a daily basis form the bedrock that filters our essence from its pure and godlike state and determines the way it manifests itself in the world and flows out to ocean of the mass consciousness. And since what you put out there determines what you get back, the quality at its origin affects the quality of its return.

We focus a lot on the importance of eating healthy for our overall well-being, and that is, of course, extremely important. But so is relating healthy. And thinking healthy. And making healthy choices. And keeping your energy core healthy. And exercising healthy. Etc and so on.

If I look back on my life, there were certainly healthier times. There were also unhealthier times. But I will say the past year or so has been especially depleting. I took on a lot last summer with reading professionally and working and writing a book. Then I replaced the professional reading part with teaching. Then this past spring I've had personal difficulties with my dog's surgery and my brother's illness and eventual passing. All the while, I've been enjoying a steady stream of work from clients old and new, requiring me to focus on practical matters when I needed to focus on personal ones.

And as I kept being depleted, I realized there weren't adequate or healthy ways for me to feed the spring. There's clutter in my house that's sucking me of my energy. My poor eating and lack of exercise keep me depleted. There are obligations—most of which are self-imposed—that keep sucking away at me. I have a habit of feeding relationships that do not feed me in return. And I never seem to take the vacation time I need to replenish...and between packing and unpacking, hauling the dogs and whatnot, the time I do manage to take, takes a lot of energy. 

So for the past week or so, I've been making a point of going back to the source to examine the health of my aquifer. And I'm kind of excited and energized about some of the choices I've made. There are also some I'm less excited about, but I know they're good for me, so I'm going to do them anyway. 

I've gotten sufficient rest, which is key. I signed up for a class that is totally without purpose, except to make me smile. I've divested myself of some of the clutter that sucks my energy. And, though I'd love to sit around and eat candy for the rest of my life, I've recommitted to low glycemic eating and the nutritionist that got me off carbs the last time. Trust me, that last choice was the hardest of them all! :D

Thing is, most of the decisions I've made were long overdue. And having them hanging over my head just added to the energy drain. Ultimately the very things that were depleting me were what inspired a new determination in me that I wasn't able to muster before. Of course it's just a week...haha. But some of the changes I've made require me to continue the momentum. 

And here's the interesting thing...none of the changes I've made really took a whole lot of energy. An phone call here, a promise to myself there...bada bing, bada boom and crap that had been dogging me for forever was not just a part of my past, but I was already finding new things to fuel me. When I look back on the past week or so, I'm amazed at how much progress I've made with such little effort. We think it's going to take so much to get us moving in the right direction, but it really takes very little. And we don't have to wait for a Monday or a certain birthday or time of the year to do it. We can start now. 

So what's affecting the health and nourishment of your spring? What small change can you make to make it better? Sometimes just doing something goofy can take you out of yourself long enough to feel whole and alive again and get the snowball rolling. So don't overlook things that don't immediately appear goal related. Anything that fuels you is on point. So with the whole world as your oyster, what small change can you make today? And what are you waiting for?


  1. As a gal who has been depleting herself a lot over this past year, too.......for various reasons......I really needed to hear this, today. Taking it all in and am thinking about the changes that I need to make to replenish my spring. Thanks!