Monday, June 18, 2012

6/19/12—Listening to the Unexpected

Today's Draw: "The Emergence of Celtic White Tara"—Bring Peace to Troubled Waters from the Art Through The Eyes of the Soul Oracle. Are you currently wracking your brains for a solution to something? Are you obsessing over your role in a certain situation? Want a new way to see an old situation?

Anyone familiar with Tara knows that she's not a Celtic Goddess. She's a Buddhist one. And actually "Tara" is a generic name for a group of bodhisattvas and/or virtues. So there are Taras of many colors, each meaning something different. In some schools of Buddhism, there are 21 Taras. But the White Tara is the one perhaps best known and she is the Goddess of compassion, healing and serenity. 

So the emergence of Tara in Ireland is symbolic of a solution coming from an unexpected source. The idea here is to keep yourself open to all possibilities. Enlightenment for your issue could come from something you overhear in an unrelated conversation, from someone you wouldn't think or even from a billboard on the side of the road. So, for the time being, try to stop thinking your way out of this situation, and let the solution come to you....vacate your mind so there's room for a new thought to flow in. 

Too often we stand in the way of our own best interests. We try to steer solutions in one direction or another. We allow our egos to muddy the path to clarity. We're so convinced that we know best, that a million better ideas may come our way and we will never see or hear them because we've already made up our minds. It seems like the hardest thing for us to do is actually the easiest answer. If it's not life-threatening or immediate-deadline oriented, just step away from it for a while. When we're all tensed up around trying to find an answer, we close off the channels to true inspiration.

How many times has something brilliant come to you when you're in the shower? Or in the middle of doing something else? That's the kind of detachment I'm talking about. Sometimes the best thoughts come when you're not thinking at all.

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