Friday, July 13, 2012

7/14/12-7/15/12—Finding What You Can Control

Weekend Reading: Five of Swords from the Ghosts & Spirits Tarot by Lisa Hunt. Things may feel a little frantic and out of control this weekend, but keep in mind you always have control over something. You may not be able to control the chaos around you or how things turn out, but you can control how you respond to it. No need for drama or desperate measures. Sometimes we drive ourselves batty trying to orchestrate situations or put out the fires around us. But it's possible that if we let some fires continue to blaze on their own, they may just become one less fire we have to put out in the future. And if we let things come their natural conclusion, they may lead to something better for us. So this weekend take a beat to figure out what you're in control of and what you're really not. See where you have options you may not have considered before. If chaos is an unwelcome constant in your life, consider where you may actually be causing it—or at the very least enabling it. You have more control over things than you know. The problem is you've just been focusing on controlling the wrong things.

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