Monday, July 30, 2012

7/31/12—Making Mischief

Today's Draw: Seven of Swords from the Lazy Afternoon Tarot by Karen West*. How long has it been since you've made a little mischief? Or plotted something in secrecy? Isn't it time you had a little devious fun?

Next up on Zing Week is the card of the thief. Certainly stealing something would put some zing in your life, but it would only be temporary zing until you got locked up and sent to the big house. So in lieu of that, I suggest being mischievous, instead. And, further, I suggest being mischievous in ways that puts zing in others' lives, too. 

Maybe you can plan a surprise party or some other sort of an outing, a gift or something else. Or you could do something nice for someone without them ever knowing. Or maybe you could secretly plan your own escape from the everyday...a day off from the grind. Whatever it is, make it a covert operation, because that adds to the fun. 

Zing happens when we break out of our rote patterns and shake things up in our lives. With the Seven of Swords, we never know for sure if the person is stealing something outright or if they're stealing something they feel is rightfully theirs. So many of turn our lives over to other priorities or get caught in our routines. Maybe it's time to steal those lives back and make a little harmless mischief.

*This is a limited edition of 50 decks, so if you want it, get it NOW.

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