Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1/17/13—Making Plans

Today's Draw: The Three of Pentacles from the Daniloff Tarot by Alexander Daniloff. Are you a plan maker or do you like to fly by the seat of your pants? Are you good about keeping to plans and crossing things off your lists? What is your five-year plan for your life?

This is the third time in four days we've had a "3" card. The Empress and yesterday's Three of Cups are the other two. What's the significance of that? 

Well, three is a pretty cool number. It's the only number that can claim to be the sum of all the numbers that come before it. In essence, it's the gifted child of the yang 1 and yin 2. Good things come in threes. Spells are repeated in threes. The Christian God is a triple god...father, son and holy spirit. And the Pagan Goddess is a triple Goddess. Finally, this week we've had 3 threes. I think it bodes well for us...a little message from above that somebody's got our back. 

This particular three shows a guy studying blueprints by way of creating a structure. We do that in our lives all the time...create structure through the use of plans. Plans are a way of honing our focus so we can create something new. 

Some people are very structured. Some not so much. I fall somewhere in between. I like the stability of plans, but I like a little spontaneity within those plans. Call me at noon to go to dinner tonight and I'll say no. That's not enough time for me to plan for the plans...haha. I like to make plans like that days ahead. So in that sense, I'm not very spontaneous. But say we have plans to go to dinner and you change your mind about where to go at the last minute, I'm cool with that. Or if something goes awry in our plans and we have to "off-road"...that works, too. I'm also pretty good at thinking on my feet....going with the flow. Just not in those instances where you need a last-minute buddy to accompany you somewhere. 

I'm also a list maker. Lists are plans. I usually have a list when I go to the grocery store. It doesn't contain everything I'll buy, but it contains a list of "must haves". Or if I have a lot of chores to do, I keep a list, but reserve the right to leave one thing undone. In fact, I'm so weird about leaving something undone that I often make up a fake chore that I'll never do, just to make sure all the stuff that needs to be done gets done. 

Perhaps where I'm most remiss with plans is my overall life plan. I made a plan when I was 18 to become an advertising copywriter and I'm still one at 50. In my 30s I had a plan to write screenplays, but that one never came to pass. It was kind of a loose and casual plan. And for the past many years I've had a plan to move to Maine and be an author. Well, I'm an author now. But that was a kind of loose and casual plan, too. And I'm not as close to being the kind of author I want as I'd like...the kind that lives in Maine and is adored by the masses for her boundless wisdom. 

So maybe I need to make a different kind of plan. Sometimes plans can get in the way of spontaneity and flow. And sometimes they can get you to a desired destination in a timely, efficient manner. I'm not miserable in my life by any means. And, in fact, my loose and casual author plans are going ok. But I'm beginning to think I want to see more progress than I've seen. That's what plans and lists are good for...getting things done. 


  1. I have lived in Maine for the majority of the last 18 years,and; I think you should reword and revise your life plan from a desire "to move to Maine" to a plan to "spend my Summers in Maine." LOL!! Blessings and gratitude for the post today and every day!

  2. I have lived in Maine pretty much all of my life, apart from a short stint in Massachusetts. I live in a home that looks like a lighthouse but is not on the water.

    I, for one, say "come to's great!". We'd sure love to have you!

  3. Oh, wow! Two Mainers inviting me to Maine! Honestly, I got a little teary.

    Chrissy, your advice is wise. I should change my wording and would have slapped the paw of anyone in one of my manifestation classes for using some of the verbiage I used above...haha. And summers, OMG. I would love that. I can't bear the summers in DC. Truth is, I can do what I do pretty much anywhere. Only a couple of my clients ever make me go to meetings. And, honestly, I'm so Skype friendly that they could just set a laptop up at the end of the table and it would be just like I'm there. Only I'd probably go pants-less on Skype. Because I can. ;)

    1. ;-) Sounds like you're already hatching a come to Maine plan......