Friday, May 10, 2013

5/11/13-5/12/13—Looking Out for Your Sweet Spot

Weekend Reading: Clouds and Sun in the House of the Child from Lenormand Revolution and the Deck of Lenormand Houses. Expect variable weather for your playtime this weekend, whether literally or figuratively. The right conditions will exist, but will you be prepared to greet them? That's the question. So don't waste your sunny sailing weather fixing the upstairs toilet. Don't decide to take a nap when you think you could change that flat tire and THEN take a nap. And don't waste a good mood on something that's a total downer. Using your emotions, timing and energies wisely this weekend could mean you end up getting everything done in perfect conditions. But letting opportunity slip away could just leave you feeling frustrated. So look out for your sweet spots and use them to your advantage, even if it means play comes before work.

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