Sunday, June 16, 2013

6/17/13—Planting Seeds

Today's Draw: Ace of Wands from the Fairy Lights tarot in the Past position from the Deck of 1000 Spreads. Are you conscious of the seeds you plant on a daily basis? What seeds did you plant long ago that are only now bearing fruit? Do you see your life as a direct effect of the seeds you've planted in the past?

The Ace of Wands is about the seeds we plant that, with time, grow. While the Ace is meant to be an inspirational, positive card, the truth is, we plant all kinds of seeds in our lives. In the past week on my Facebook feed alone, I've seen friends' kids who have won sports tournaments...the seeds of their efforts over years finally bearing fruit. One guy met his siblings for the first time in his life at, I don't know, the age of 40 or so—a long and emotional gestation for all involved. And my personal favorite, a single gay male welcomed twin babies into his life in the past week. All of these are the result of some seed (literal or figurative) that was planted long ago.

In contrast, I also had a Facebook friend die of complications from diabetes—a disease he himself said he failed to take seriously in time. And I also "lost" another friend because he stumbled back into an addiction, the effects of which cause him to alienate anyone who ever cared for him. Both of those things involve seeds planted long ago that are now bearing fruit.

So the question is, what seeds are we planting in our lives? I ask this question in a different way quite often. What do we say and think that adds to what manifests in our lives, good and bad? What are we creating through our actions?

Last week I talked about my own issues with controlling my blood sugar. While diabetes comes largely from genetic roots, I can't help thinking my sweet tooth got me here sooner. All that sugar was a seed I planted for myself. I smoked for 26 years and while I've been quit for 10 years now, that doesn't mean I didn't plant the seeds of lung cancer, a disease my brother died from just last year. And I have a hard time throwing stuff out (not to mention my extensive collection of divinatory tools), which has planted a seed of clutter in my home...haha.

But I've also planted positive stuff. I'm a good doggie mom, which planted the seeds of three relatively well behaved dogs that I take to places like B&Bs on vacation. I write these blogs which plant all kinds of seeds, including, I hope, some good karma. I've built a very solid career and professional reputation which means I really don't have to work very hard to get work. In fact, when I look at my life, there are certainly some things I'd like to change, but overall, I'm pretty happy with the way I've propagated my fields. :)

Every day we plant seeds that bear fruit somewhere down the line. Maybe it's trivial stuff. Maybe it's good stuff. Maybe it's bad stuff. Many times we will plant those seeds completely unconsciously. We'll just do stuff without thinking of the import of it. We'll get aggressive in traffic, for example, which raises our blood pressure and stress level, makes us feel bad about ourselves and creates bad karma. In that case, the price is rarely worth that moment's fancy. But we will rarely think of it that way. And so we'll do it again. And again.

So with Monday being the beginning of a new week, see how consciously you can plant your seeds. And when you become conscious of the rows you sow, see if you don't change what you're planting so it bears some better fruit. We're not bound by the repetitive plantings of our past, nor are we limited by any soil or climate in what we're able to plant. Instead of leaking seeds out of our pants pockets unaware, let's see how intentionally we can grow a stronger, more fruitful life.

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