Friday, July 19, 2013

7/20/13-7/21/13—Strutting Through The Weekend

Weekend Reading: Knight of Pentacles from the Gypsy Palace Tarot. Go forth and conquer this weekend. The Knight is strutting out in style and taking care of business. More importantly, he's keeping the gloom at his back. Pentacles cover everything from work and money to home and health—all the practical matters that keep our lives running. For many of us, the weekend means "time off", but we usually end up spending the bulk of it attending to practical matters around the home anyway. But hey, why not embrace it with enthusiasm? Nobody said you had to trudge solemnly through things like errands and chores. Put on some music and dance your way through. Make a game of it where you earn points toward evening cocktails or sweets. Or speak to everyone you meet using a funny accent...just for fun. All work and no play makes life miserable. So take your time off and make feel more like fun than just a less painful extension of the work week. 

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