Wednesday, July 24, 2013

7/25/13—Creating Prosperity

Today's Draw: Maker Ten from Tarot of the Sidhe in the Immediate Future position from the Deck of 1000 Spreads. Do some have to be poor in order for others to prosper? Are there a limited number of spots on the prosperity train? And if not, what do you think keeps you from riding on it?

As you'll see on the card, it says "Kingdom Prospers" and that's what the Maker Ten is about. It's about having more than enough resources. But you'll notice the card says "kingdom", not "king". There's more than enough for everyone to share. 

There is a sense that there are limited resources in the universe. In order for one person to be rich, two or three people, perhaps, have to be poor. This is a notion that haunts the minds of the self employed. If Sue got a new client, there is less available work out there for me. In a universe of limited resources, that's how it works. There are haves and have nots. 

But what if the only reason there are haves and have nots is because some people apply themselves and some don't? Because some people believe in themselves and some don't? Because some people believe in a limited universe and some people believe in a limitless one?

We tend to have the notion that the more education you have, the better off you'll be financially. But Bill Gates was a college dropout. Or that where you come from defines where you'll go in life. Talk to Oprah about that one. Or that your level of intelligence determines your wealth. Consult your manager on that...haha. There are some things that may limit the prosperity of one's kingdom—mental illness, for one. But physical illness didn't stop the Crazy Sexy Cancer woman from making a buck. The stress of poverty didn't stop the Harry Potter woman. And while the checker at Safeway may not make as much money as a rap star, if she manages her money right she could end up in a better financial position. 

Sure, you could say "those are all exceptions to the rule". But do you really believe there are a limited number of "success spots" open to the exceptions to the rule...kind of like a cosmic equal opportunity quota? And I've just been talking about money here, because the word "prosperity" conjures up images of money. But it's really about more than that. It's about a richly lived life. 

What do you think might change if we began to think, "when I prosper, the kingdom prospers," rather than "when I prosper, someone loses?" What might change if we started to believe that things like riches and prosperity don't have anything to do with money? And what might change if we, as a society, stopped measuring worth based on what we have?" Is it possible our minds and our mindsets create more poverty than the universe does?

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