Tuesday, August 6, 2013

8/7/13—Seeing Money as Energy

Today's Draw: Stars, Vampire and Eye from the Breath of Night Oracle. How do you view money? Is it evil? Addictive? Elusive? Everything? Do you think having more would make life more enjoyable? Or more complicated? How much more?

So I did something a little different today. Something in my subconscious brought up the Breath of Night Oracle and a card with a dark sky and stars along with a dark card with a splash of red. So I looked through the deck and chose these three cards:

Stars: prosperity, fortune, progress, plurality
Vampire: addiction, vampirism
Eye: observation, vision, intuition

We've been talking about money and difficult choices regarding the cost of things in our lives the last couple of days. These three cards can be read as a warning to be careful not to fall into the lure of money. It can also be read to use your intuition or guidance to spot those who may want to suck you dry...or things like groups that attach to people with money. It could also be read to be careful of the cost of being prosperous—stuff like we discussed yesterday about neglecting your family or dreams in the pursuit of money. 

Growing up I learned that talking about money was crass and rude. As an adult, I do talk about money, but I'm careful where, when and to whom. But, of course, you never ask anyone how much something cost or what they earn. There are a lot of restrictions around the topic, societally speaking. Yet here I am, three days this week, in one regard or another. 

One thing people get wrong all the time is that "money is the root of all evil". That's not true. It's "the LOVE of money" that's the root of all evil. I say this because that misquote of the Bible has really given money a bad rap. Thinking money is bad leads to people undervaluing their work, distrusting rich people and forming unhealthy relationships with money. 

In my mind, money is an energy exchange. You trade your energy for money, which you can, in turn, trade for the fruits of someone else's energy (like all the crap you buy). The amount of money you have is not necessarily related the amount of energy you give out. It's related to how much you value your energy (how much you're willing to work for), the demand for the kind of energy you put forth (the skills you have and what people are willing to pay) and what you've invested in your energy (your experience and education).

So maybe today's trio is talking about taking a look at the energy you bring in and put out (money earned and spent) and see where it might be being sucked away by something that doesn't pay dividends—something that doesn't give enjoyment or creates more work or whatever—or where it might be fueling an unhealthy energy pattern, like overshopping or some other addictive behavior. 

Seeing money as an energy exchange can give you a different perspective on how you spend. You know hard you worked for it, is what you have to show for it worth it? And if not, what are you going to do about it?


  1. Ha, I never realised that was a misquote of the bible. Our society is so weird about money. On the one hand, you have to have it, on the other, if you have lots there's suspicion about how you got it and whether you deserve it. And as esoteric helpers, there's sometimes a sense that we should be giving away our help for free, when like you say, it is our time and energy we are expending, like anyone else.

    When I think what teachers are paid compared to footballers, I think it says it all...

  2. Thanks, Chloe. I agree. There's a lot of weirdness about money and how we see people with it and without it. And I was totally thinking about the whole money issue with healers and such when I writing this! One of the things I say to healer types is you should be charging at least as much as a massage therapist or hair stylist. We'll freely pay them $100 plus a tip for what they do (where I live), yet a tarot reading is something you do less frequently and has the potential to be more life changing. Which is why we should proudly charge even more, imo.