Friday, September 20, 2013

9/21/13-9/22/13—Screwing the Devil

Weekend Reading: The Devil from Tarot of the Tattoo Age. You heard the man, indulge yourself this weekend. You earned it! Consider, though, that just as you can indulge in excess, you can also indulge yourself in doing something good for yourself...something that brings you more into balance. Imagine how indulgent it would be to catch up on all your chores so that you have a free mind. Or the indulgence of starting a new week without guilt about what you ate or drank over the weekend. The ultimate indulgence could just be adopting different perspective on what the word "indulgence" means. It's possible to do exactly what the Devil tells you to do and screw him at the same time. :D

FYI, the post I write this Sunday (aka Monday's post) will be part of a tarot blog hop—a collective blogging experience where you hop from blog to blog. This one celebrates the Autumnal equinox and is about divination and myth. Mine will be posted at 2pm eastern on Sunday and it will lead to 25 other blogs. Perhaps you could indulge yourself in that this Sunday afternoon. :)

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