Friday, November 22, 2013

11/23/13-11/24/13—Being True to You

Weekend Reading: The Rebel (Emperor) from the Osho Zen Tarot. Who rules your domain? Excuse me, I can't hear you! Who rules your domain? Yes, YOU DO! You're damn right you do. And because you do, you get to do anything you want this weekend. Even if people will stare and point. ESPECIALLY if people stare and point! The Rebel ain't afraid of looking silly or odd, because the Rebel knows that being true to who you are and what you want is worth a heck of a lot more than conformity and worrying about what others think. So as long as it's legal and doesn't hurt anyone, go ahead and do it. That includes getting the mail in your boxers, laughing in the rain and calling out the line cutter at the Safeway, you rebel you!


  1. I would love to try to give my rebel a voice. and just do what I want. Nobody would have to feel offended, because they probable won't notice my tiny rebel :)

    1. Hey, Ellen, baby steps. Start small and you never know where you'll end up :)

      Loved your encouragement to do things ESPECIALLY if people stare and point, Tierney :D

  2. Thanks, ladies! My inner rebel is going to mow over leaves today without checking for dog poop first. THAT, my ladies, is a rebel. :D