Monday, December 2, 2013

12/3/13—Loving the Love

Today's Draw: Two Turtle Doves in the Gift position from the 12 Days of Christmas Oracle by Robyn Tisch Hollister. Are there those you love and those you don't? Is your heart open to those who don't open their hearts to you? And what do you think is the meaning of life?

First let me say how adorable this oracle is. I wouldn't normally buy an oracle with only 12 pieces, but I would buy anything Robyn Tisch Hollister sells, so I bought this. The 12 hand-painted casting stones come with a casting sheet featuring one of Robyn's illustrations and a guide book assigning meaning to each of the 12 gifts of Christmas. 

Years ago, really at the beginning of my spiritual journey, I had a dream that I had discovered the meaning of life, my purpose in life and all the answers to all the conundrums of life. It turns out that all of this boils down to just one word: Love. 

Being that I was at the beginning of my spiritual journey, I thought, "bullshit" and moved on. But I never forgot the dream. And over years of seeking and learning and developing my spirit, I now realize that the answer was true. 

Love encompasses more than just romantic love. It's also about forgiveness. Compassion. Friendship. Kindness. Oneness. Trust. Altruism. Caring. Surrender. Non-judgment. And passionate pursuit. Sometimes love comes easy. And other times—like when it comes time to forgive "bad" actions, see yourself in others or open your heart to those you may not particularly like—it comes hard. But it really is the solution to life's questions, from the big ones to the mundane. 

What is the meaning of life? To love. Which outfit should I wear today? The one that draws the most people to you to love. Should I stay here or move to Maine? Go where your heart most wants to be. What should I cook for dinner? Cook what you love to cook. How should I proceed with that asshat at work? Send him love. 

You may not like those answers. That's why I said it can be very hard to love. The universe gives us freebies with our families, friends and lovers. They're easy to love. But the further you move out into society and the more interactions you have, the harder it becomes. The goal is to expand your circle of love ever further out into the universe until that's all there is. You probably won't accomplish this today. Or ever. But it gives you an idea of just how much further we can all push our capacity to love, forgive and include in places where previously there was hate, intolerance and separation. 

I've come to feel that our ability to love in those difficult situations is what draws the line between spiritual immaturity and spiritual maturity. Through my associations with many different kinds of spiritual seekers, most are trapped in spiritual adolescence, clinging to resentments and driven by the ego's needs to be right and superior. A good number are emerging into more mature states, traversing the land between adolescence and maturity. And a very small number carry love with them in everything they do. 

Love is also the answer to questions about God or the universe. What is God? How can I strengthen my relationship with my higher power? What brings me closer to my highest self? Love, love and love. So those who move out of adolescence experience a shift in the energies around them, primarily brought on by the realization that everything is love and there's nothing left to hate. 

So today's draw comes to us today to remind us what a gift our ability to love is. Because we also have free will (a gift of love from a higher being who trusts us to chart our own course) we don't have to choose love. We don't have to use the gift. But if we do choose to use it, we will feel and experience more of the only thing that feeds the hole inside—love. Everything else is just empty calories and toxins. So what will fuel you today?