Tuesday, January 21, 2014

1/22/14—Limiting Our Possibilities

A dozen years before The Secret detailed its method of manifesting things in the universe, I read Deepak Chopra's Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. Although there might have been earlier books that handled this topic, I consider Seven Spiritual Laws of Success ground zero in the manifestation space.

Because I'd already had a decade of experience with Deepak's technique (and have written about it many times here), little in The Secret was new to me. But they did introduce me to the idea of creating vision boards. However, through laziness, lack of interest and perceived lack of need, I never made one. This year as I was considering things I could do differently in the new year, it occurred to me that, for my long term goals, I could create a vision board...maybe a digital one I could keep as the wallpaper on my computer.

See, I believe that the universe is always conspiring to bring us what we want and need based on our thoughts and actions. And so I pay attention to my thoughts and actions. While I do a very good job of manifesting things of immediate need, I'm not so sure about my success on achieving long-term goals. So I thought a vision board might make all the difference.

While I've just started collecting images and finding ways to put them together in a collage online, I've already discovered something that could be key in my ability to manifest my long term goals. As I've been searching through pictures online, I find myself looking at a grandiose home, for example, and thinking, "it's too fancy for me." Or "that idyllic little creek couldn't possibly be on the same property that overlooks the river (or ocean)." Or "that audience is too big for anything I would lecture about."

Now, those aren't my EXACT thoughts, but they're the *kind* of limiting thoughts I've been having. And if you would have asked me before I started looking for pics if I limited my dreams in any way, I would have said no. But clearly I am. And this turn of events has really opened my eyes.

I'm discovering there is a voice inside me that says, "I'll only take what I need or is my fair share," which, in itself, is a limiting thought. It assumes there there are limited resources and there is an average amount a person can ask for that won't leave another person poor as a result. There is also an air of "I don't serve anything that plush," in my thoughts. And some "I could never earn what it takes to maintain that," mixed in. And all of it is nonsense.

We are all entitled to live and manifest a life the size of our dreams. When we limit our dreams, we limit what is possible for us to manifest in the world. Limitation only exists because we limit ourselves by believing it does. That last sentence sounds crazy, but it's profound. What we believe shapes our reality. Limited availability and unlimited possibility are two beliefs we can choose between. They can even exist at the same time. But regardless, we shouldn't let them or anything else shape what we believe is possible for ourselves.


  1. This post was perfectly timed for me, as there's something I need to manifest and have been feeling hopeless about. A reminder to trust and believe in unlimited possibility, rather than getting stuck on the worry wheel. Hope you put some of those big dream pictures into your vision board, Tierney!

  2. Glad it helped, Chloe! If I get nothing more from this vision board experience, it will be to feel free to super-size my dreams. :)

    1. Sounds great, will look forward to hearing about them manifesting :)