Sunday, November 13, 2016

11/14/16—Answering The Call To Healing

I saw a pretty wise post on a friend's Facebook wall regarding this election. It was directed to healers and lightworkers and it said "this is the moment you were born for."

That's true, not just for healing the people who are dejected over the campaign results, but also for healing this very divided country moving forward. Today's healers were born specifically to address this facet of this era in the world. 

There is an understanding that I want to clear up for those who will listen. Most of the Hillary supporters I know loved her message of Stronger Together. That's what healers want. They want everyone to get along and love each other despite differences. And many Hillary supporters saw Trump as creating a huge divide in this country. It hurt our hearts. But where the misunderstanding comes in is that Trump didn't create the divide, he shone a light on it. And yes, he capitalized on it. But he didn't create it. It was there all along. He unearthed it so you could see your mission. 

More than that, he created fears for us to address and heal. He brought outrage so we can examine our triggers. He brought conflict to test our understanding. He brought batshit crazy to test our patience. He brought wild ideas to test our capacities to keep our hearts and minds open. And he brought worry to test our faith in a higher power that doesn't make mistakes and has our greater good in mind. 

For me personally, his misogynistic comments inspired me to examine the misogyny I had experienced in the past, how I felt about feminism, the role society's white male patriarchy has played in my life, and all the ways I feel I've been silenced and bullied before. Now, I think we can all agree, that's huge and life changing. It's even evolutionary. And Trump was the vehicle. 

If you're someone invested in your own growth and helping others move forward, you have to look at these kinds of things, too. You don't have the luxury of being a victim. You're here to light the path forward. And if, instead, you choose to fill your head with angry disavowal and rejection of him, you will miss the goldmine of opportunity he offers. You'll also be focusing your formidable energy on hate and division. You'll hold yourself and those around you in a state of misery.

It's not acceptable to say, "well they have done worse." "They" have nothing to do with your choices. Your choices are your own responsibility and should not be made based on "them". If you are invested in healing and in your spirituality, you will carry the light, leading in the ways you can, instead of waiting for them to see the light first. 

It's not just about seeing the situation from a spiritual perspective, it's also about seeing situations from the perspectives that troubled you so during the campaigning. The misogyny and lack of respect for women I perceived on the other side means you won't be seeing me post nudies of Melania, which seems to be the liberal sport of the day. If slut shaming is wrong, it's wrong. When you objectify and degrade one of us, you objectify and degrade all of us.

If you want people to get along, you have to pass up the temptation to create conflict with those of differing viewpoints. A couple of my Facebook friends have invited conflict-free conversations with those of differing opinions and I'm understanding more of why Trump appeals to people. That alone is incredibly healing. When you don't attune to lower energies and urges, the more likely it is others will rise to yours. 

If you're worried about racists becoming emboldened, then support minorities however you can. Wear a "safety" pin. Smile as you pass people on the street. Speak up against racist comments. Be empathetic to the fears that cause ignorance about race. Examine your own fears in regard to race. Explore what you think and feel and can do to make a difference. Spreading worry, fear and negativity will probably not make a positive impact on the issue, so move away from that. Society has policed this behavior and moved tolerance forward incrementally over decades. Nothing has happened to keep that from continuing now. If something does happen, worry about it then. But don't create what you want to avoid through your fears.

And then there's hypocrisy. If you point at Trump supporters—people who have felt left out and marginalized in society—and mock or bully them, then you're doing what racists do to blacks and Muslims. I admit I have been guilty of this myself. See your own hypocrisy as I've seen mine. Don't hate them for overlooking his faults when you did some overlooking yourself when it came to hers. Don't complain about their lack of objectivity toward Hillary when you haven't *objectively* examined your issues with Trump. You're not going to do any of this perfectly, but just don't drop the ball entirely just because you're angry or bitter or needing to be right. The progress of peace, acceptance and togetherness is way more important than your need to be right.

On some level, we are all guilty of this crap. If you're a Trump supporter and reading this, that includes you, too. This is a time for you look within and ask yourself what you're contributing to this tension and divide, too. We all need to do a better job. We all need to put on our big person pants and live what we say about peace and unity and Christ's teachings and the Golden Rule. And unfortunately for you, my reader, you're one of the people born into the role of putting peace before ego, growth before anger and faith before fear. I know it's your calling because you're reading these words. Your interest in being a better human is what makes you most qualified. 

Listen. I'm disappointed. I have concerns. I'm one of those that lost my footing during this campaign. But I believe the universe doesn't make mistakes. And, as I explained a few days ago, I have found hope in the past week, and it has grown since then. 

If I can glean any message from this shitstorm of a presidential race, it's that we need to open our hearts and minds wider to each other. Because closing them is just going to create further division. There is pain all around this country in need of healing right now. This upheaval can only be a horrible mistake if we are too stubborn not to use it as a springboard for achieving the very unity we want...the unity our nation is named for. 

I, for one, will be avoiding words of fear or hate or hypocrisy, because that is not what I want to create in the universe. I'll enter into less conversations and read fewer publications that are stirring up shit. I need to be free of anxiety to access my own knowing clearly. That doesn't mean I won't have opinions, frustrations or disagreements. And if there is a time for action or words, we should bind together to act or speak. But constant bitching is neither healing, nor productive. It weakens the impact of your voice...of OUR voice. 

This may very well be a critical turning point in human history, but it won't be decided by Donald Trump. It will be decided by you.

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