Sunday, January 15, 2017

1/16/17—Remembering Source

Image from the Tarot of Transformation, The Devil.
Lately I've been feeling disconnected from source. And by "lately" I mean for well over a year.

Each Friday on my personal and public Facebook pages, I do a weekend reading where people get to choose one of three cards, then find out their reading for the weekend. And one of the three cards got me thinking. It was The Devil card, which speaks of addiction, self-defeating behaviors and our inner demons. And this particular Devil card was subtitled "Separation from the Source."

For me, it was a reminder that feeling disconnected from the universe and feeling depressed and self-defeated aren't two different things happening at the same time. They're the same thing, happening in a chicken and egg I having difficulty because I'm disconnected? Or am I disconnected because I'm having difficulty? Probably a little of both.

I've always liked this card for that reason...for its reminder of how the distance between us and source is relative to the distance between us and happiness. And health. And success. And manifestation. And love. 

It's also a reminder that the more we indulge our demons, the further away from source we get. And that the way out of darkness is to keep moving toward the light. And the way to transform demons is to lift them up to the light. 

It sounds so simple, but it's a logic that becomes clouded the deeper you get away from source. It gets buried under, "I'm not a good person" and "I'm not capable" and "why would anyone care anyway?" But our doubts and our fears are just distractions...symptoms of our distance from source. 

Remembering this doesn't make everything better. But it's a start in the right direction. The more time we spend in the presence of grace—out in nature, in meditation, in gratitude, with people we love, in prayer...however you access it—the less power our fears hold. 

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