Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1/11/11—Confronting Change

Today's Draw: The Tower from the Otherworld Tarot. What new way of life has started for you recently...or needs to start soon? Is there some change that you've resolved for the new year? Or has a change been imposed upon you by circumstance?
The Tower is one of those cards that make you cringe when you receive them in the tarot. I think we've actually drawn this card before. The image usually depicts a tower in some form of collapse with screaming people flying out the windows ...and flames lashing everywhere. Lovely.

This particular tower card comes with the words "new way of life" and that points out one of the main messages of the card—some ideal or element of your life has been built on a shaky foundation. So the tower (your ego, your project, your path) comes crashing down for the very purpose of you rebuilding again on firmer ground. So while it could be considered one of the most frightening cards to get in the deck, you can also look at it as one of the most valuable. It just means that a change is needed and the end result of the change will be well worth the pain of changing. You can see it as a pain in the arse or you can see it as an opportunity.

Personally, I can cite the ever-changing landscape of my diet. One of my first acts of the new year was to ask my nutritionist to put me back on my no- red meat, no-dairy, nothing white diet for a while. Which doesn't leave much left to eat than green crap, chicken and fish. But somehow inside my mind I know it's best for me now.

And then there's the restrictive diet I've gone on in my head as it pertains to relationships. Let it be known that I'm no longer available for anyone's guilt trips or personal shit. With each passing day I'm becoming more and more immune to any BS that has other people blaming me for their moods, tantrums or whatever. I still accept personal responsibility for those things I'm responsible for, but I'm not responsible your chemical imbalances, low self esteem or ego issues. So tell it to the hand.

That said, what changes are happening in your life, either voluntary or imposed? And what does the tower mean to you?

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