Friday, January 14, 2011

1/14/11—Using Your Special Gifts

Today's Draw: The Queen of Wands from the Science Tarot. Each of us has specialized knowledge to share. What can you do to open minds to new and glorious things? How can you use your passions to inspire others? And is there someone whose passions have inspired you?
Today's Queen of Wands features Carl Sagan. He used his knowledge of astrophysics to open people to the wonder of "billions and billions of stars". My main dude, Neil deGrasse Tyson does the same with astrophysics these days as host of NOVA... Science Now and a prominent lecturer on the subject. (Here is Neil talking about Carl...brought me to tears Together, these charismatic scientists have sparked the imaginations of many young people who will now enter the sciences and contribute to the future exploration and understanding of space.

The point is that we all have a passion inside of us that we can share with the world. I hope I'm doing that with these daily posts, for example. Perhaps some of you didn't understand what the tarot was all about prior to these posts. One day a few of you may even get your own deck! Fletcher takes pictures and does such a good job that he has inspired me to try to bring more art to my own. Dallyn talks about things like Orange Scented Salmon with Peppered CousCous and makes us all want to cook something new.

The point being that we all have the option and charisma to use our passions as a platform to touch and inspire others. We all have something to teach...if we're so moved. So take a look at what that is—maybe it's an interest in music or pop culture. One of my FBFs, Lucie, recently gave us all some perspective on this bird deaths thing and opened our minds to mass critter deaths all over the world that happen every day. We all have something to share and while you may think the job or hobby you practice is mundane, those of us with a thirst for knowledge may find it fascinating. And in sharing, we may see another side of you. Something to consider, whether you choose to share with your Facebook community, local schools, through volunteer opportunities, blogging or otherwise.

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