Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2/9/11—Finding Your True Value

Today's Draw: Queen of Matter from Tarot de Paris. What is the true measure of your value? What special quality or talent do you possess? And what might it surprise us to know about you?
The Queen of Matter (Pentacles) signifies a woman of wealth, class and dignity. But the queen's value isn't in her material standing or social position. It's in her practicality, nurturing and compassion.

So where is my true value. You'd this would be an easy question to answer. But it's not. There are some ways in which I'm used to measuring myself. As a professional, for example. But outside of that I tend to be more critical of myself.

I suppose my true value lies in my ability to adapt, grow and change no matter what you put in my way. My worst days have brought my greatest triumphs. I rise like the phoenix. And my special quality is in knowing that everything is a gift and wherever life creates a void, something good will come to fill the space. Which is not to say my life is sunshine and lollipops, nor that I'm the eternal optimist. But somewhere deep within me is the confidence of knowing everything will be ok. And I suppose that can be a reassuring energy to be around.

Of course, even as I say those words I think that someone somewhere has dirt on me to negate them…haha. But that's the story I'm going with for lack of something better. As for the surprise…hmmm. Oh, I know! I'm an accomplished seamstress. Or was when I was younger. I'm very skillful when it comes to making clothes and even drafting patterns. I never pull out my sewing machine anymore, though. All the tarot bags you see are sewn by hand and are nothing compared to what I'm capable of.

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