Thursday, March 3, 2011

3/3/11—Manning Up

Today's Draw: The Emperor from the Maat by Julie Cuccia-Watts. Do you ever apologize for who or what you are? Do you hesitate to speak up for yourself? Are you putting off anything for "someday"? 

First of all, I tagged Steve because this card represents Herne and Greenman and all of that ilk. Not because anything in my questions relate to him. In fact, quite the opposite. Steve is the Emperor embodied. ;)

That said, the Emperor has n...ot only been dogging me all week, coming up in casual draws and whatnot, it has haunted me for years. And it wasn't until I read Julie's interpretation that I finally understood why.

The Emperor represents the quintessential man/leader. It speaks of virility, power and leadership. Julie equates it to the Aries full moon and drew the Emperor with ram's horns. Personally when I see this card I think of my father. I also think of a friend of mine who, conveniently, happens to be an Aries. The card comes to us to tell us to step into our own...speak, move and live with confidence. Make no apologies for who or what you are. And stop dreaming and start doing because life is short and today is your best opportunity.

I rarely hesitate to speak up for myself, but the parts about apologizing for who I am and putting things off for some other, more perfect time are me to a tee. I've made great strides in the former, but have lately been doing just that. And the latter will go on my tombstone if I don't change that soon. So today the Emperor comes to me at the perfect time with exactly the message I needed to hear, provided by Julie. Funny that I kept putting off hearing that message for someday...haha. What relevance does this card have for you?

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