Friday, March 4, 2011

3/4/11—Saying Goodbye

Today's Draw: Death from the Rohrig. What is it time to say goodbye to in your life? If something HAD to change, what would it be? Is this a change you can't wait to make? Or is it a change you're hesitant and unsure about?
We have Death once again. Which, if you didn't note before, is not a physical death, but rather the death of an old way of being or thinking or doing. It is the cycle of death and rebirth. Of transformation.

For me, the change is in a way o...f life. Something very nice is happening in my life right now that is calling for me to change some of my "set in my ways" ways. It's something that's actually making me want to change things that I've been resisting changing for quite some time. It's funny how, when you ask the universe things, even things that seem to be totally unrelated, the universe answers in magical ways. I think I'm getting unstuck. In a good way.

So think about what's changing in your life and how you feel about it. And if you feel pretty stable, ask yourself what *could* change...or what needs to change. And lift that request up to the higher power without worrying about how it will happen or what circumstances surround the change. You may be surprised at the wonderful ways your request is fulfilled.

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