Monday, April 11, 2011

4/11/11—Accepting Endings

Today's Draw: Eight of Water from Tarot de Paris. Is there a personal or professional relationship you're disenchanted with? Is it time to for you let go? And if you're choosing to hold on, why?

The eights find us at a time of maturity…a time we have to take responsibility and make grown-up decisions. In the Eight of Water, it's time for inner reflection on the relationships in our lives. In our youth, we may have been more able to ride the waves of unstable relationships. But as an adult we know that as long as we continue pouring our energy into broken dynamics, we are unable to create new, healthier ones.

Each of the eight cups represents the memories of dreams lost and dreams come true. And as long as each is filled and tended in your heart, then is no room for new dreams to fill the cups. You know when something isn't working. You know when cycles are just going to repeat themselves over and over. You know when a relationship no longer represents the person you've become or want to become.

This is a sad time. The man in the card is reflected in the waters of his emotion. And he is turned away from the disappointments and still trying to focus on the good. But he knows the truth. The good is not enough. And the disappointments are still there, looming in the background. And this may have been enough for him at one point, but that person no longer exists inside him.

A recent relationship with a special person really opened my eyes to a number of things and now I'm no longer the person I was before we met. The culmination of all our past relationships came along with us for the ride, as did our different personalities and different lifestyles. And it just didn't work out. The good parts were fabulous. But the other crap was just crap. As an adult, I'm no longer able to blind myself to the whole reality of this dynamic. I want a stable, fulfilling love relationship and can't have that as long as I hold on to this one.

Whether it's a love relationship, friendship or business relationship, you know when things aren't working. Every relationship has its difficulties. But you know when the scales are tipped too far into the unhealthy region…when you're bending too far to accommodate a person. Nobody drifts into our lives and leaves us unchanged. People come for a season, a reason and, in rare cases, a lifetime. Consider the relationships in your life and see where you stand.

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