Tuesday, April 26, 2011

4/26/11—Creating Space for Your Creating Space

Today's Draw: Ace of Wands from the Tea Tarot by Marcia McCord. What are you waiting for? How could the conditions possibly be more right? Or is it possible it's not a matter of timing at all?

The Ace of Wand signifies an uprush of energy, passion and motivation to get the job done. In Marcia McCord's card, however, the mood is a bit more subdued. But way more my speed. I'm not a fiery energy kind of gal. With this card, it's the end of the day. All is quiet in the house. All the chores are done...or at least as many as will be done today. And there is just nothing else to do but enjoy a cup of tea while doing something we enjoy. 

Well, we could stare at the ceiling. And therein lies the rub. How many of us choose to do something inane instead? Or choose to do the enjoyable thing, but treat it like a task? There is an art, celebration and ceremony to approaching those things that bring us pleasure. The lady in the card has put on her best peignoir. She has the lighting just right. She has a throw handy in case she gets cold. And as she adds cream to her cup, she is mentally preparing for her letter writing or embroidery or whatever it is that she has on tap for the evening. She leaves nothing to chance to create the perfect moment for her art. 

I've often asked myself why I put these moments off and prioritize them lower than, say, Dancing With The Stars. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy watching TV. But it doesn't engage my mind the way something like writing or crafting would. To be fair, I write for a living. And when I'm not doing that, I write in hopes of finding a new way to make a living from writing. And, to be honest, the hour or so that I spend doing this each day is one of my favorite hours of the day. I usually sit outside on my deck with my coffee and dogs close by, enjoying the drama that is our back yard...dogs chasing squirrels, birds calling out to each other, the sound of the fountain trying to be heard over the cacophony of nature. 

But I am a creative organism. I love to craft. I have countless writing projects I could be working on. There are sunrises and sunsets that go unwatched. So much of life going unlived. Yet do I ever miss a day of work or a deadline?

So today's card comes to remind me, at least, that while I'm prioritizing things, I should also prioritize those things that make life more blissful. What about you? What are you waiting for? What is it time for you to create?


  1. I've been putting off two things: Organizing my creative space AND writing. So you've inspired me. Today I will organize my creative space.

  2. Oh, hooray! Now if I can only inspire myself. :D

  3. You're writing a daily blog, girl! You're already inspired. And inspiring!

  4. Oh, that's right! I keep forgetting about this...haha. It really is a great part of the day.