Thursday, April 28, 2011

4/28/11—Claiming Your Universal Power

Today's Draw: Moon on Water from the Wildwood. Are you feeling a bit muddy headed—as if too little and too much is going on within at the same time? What is waiting to be birthed within your consciousness? And how do you see yourself in the context of all that is?

Pretty deep questions for a Thursday morning. But such is the character of the moon, probing into the subconscious, casting a dull glow on the recesses of our soul, yet still leaving much in the shadows. Interesting that yesterday we got the Sun and now the Moon. While the sun places our being in full, hot light, the moon casts a cool, illusive glow on us. It is a kinder light for many of us, but also makes thoughts and feelings difficult to grasp. While the sun is the joy and freedom of birth, the moon captures us still in gestation, preparing for rebirth. It is the period of winter into spring, the gathering up of earth's energies for the explosion of birth and creation just around the bend.

In the moon's light, we touch base with our primordial, eternal self. If you can see it, there is an egg in the waters in the foreground, preparing for its moment to hatch. What will arise from this egg? The moon shows us the answers are still not clear. They're locked within. But one thing is for certain—it will be as much a part of this timeless landscape as the ox and heron in the background.

Deep off at the horizon of my path, I see golden shimmers moving toward me, like the illusive play of the moon's light on water. I can't quite capture what they are, but I know they are the sum total of my dreams and efforts coming to greet me. I've had many opportunities present themselves to me lately, yet I still have to make something of solidify them. I have to stand in the integrity of what I've asked for and confirm it's what I really want. This is the beginning of an exciting time for me. I can feel it. But, like the egg in the foreground, it's still not hatched. And it still hasn't proven its fitness for life. So the Moon signals a time of great potential. 

What may that translate to for you? How it all takes form and unfolds may hinge upon how you see yourself in the universe. The Wildwood book issues a compelling question—Is consciousness within you or are you within the consciousness of the universe? Does everyone and everything have its own consciousness within its own closed system? Or do we all share the same consciousness? Are we ultimately alone and separate? Or as one? It's au courant to say we're one. But is that how you really feel and act or is it just an automatic, politically correct reply?

Ultimately, this question *is* the egg in the water. I think the way we answer it has enormous impact on the survival of mankind moving forward. In the Moon's soft light, it's much easier to see ourselves as an inextricable part of the primordial path of the universe, but much more difficult to do so in the harsh and fully exposed light of the sun. The Moon allows us to keep our secrets, but the sun does not. Can we stay in the moonlight forever? No. Not if you're on the path of growth an enlightenment. If we stay in the Moon forever, then nothing can grow. The Moon cannot sustain us forever. Similarly, we cannot stay in the Sun forever, because its harsh light eventually burns and singes everything it touches. So there is a subtle play between the tides of Moon and Sun, a cycle of gestation and rebirth that is duplicated within.

Get in touch with that cycle today and see how you are moving with the tides of the universe. For those of us on the East coast, that includes wind and rain, both destructive and life giving. The more you practice being part of the consciousness of the universe, the more you can slip into its rhythms, command its power and see your role in the bigger story. Your body can either contain you and put up a boundary between yourself and everything else, or it can be the antennae through which you send and receive energies as part of the whole.

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